Sunday, July 1

last night.

I cannot believe last night. I stayed up until 1 am? Or was it almost 2 am? I was watching the Big Night and guess what? It's the first time that I watched the Big Night. It was cute. Especially that cute skit they performed about the Big 4. Funny. Anyway, while they were showing their long commercials, I was reading yet again, a new book entitled It was a little boring but in the end it was okay. I wan to know what happened though. GRR. Anyway, I finished that book and the Big Night,too. So now, I have nothing to read. I am sad.

But, Boan's lending me "Prep", right? So I'll have something to read again. But, boohoo. I haven't even finished the homework in Chem. I am so lazy, right? The hell I care.

There's still the Himnayon tomorrow. Yipee. Imma bring my cam so we could picture-picture,guys! Muahx. :]]

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