Sunday, June 27

notes in the sand

What I want to tell you in the sand
Careful strokes
because I want it to stay forever

because I know you'll keep it forever
You won't forget
my notes in the sand

Then came the waves
erasing what I worked hard for
I look at you with
tears in my eyes

You poured water on my notes in the sand.

Saturday, June 26


In my mind there are countless images
Vivid, defined, surreal.
I hold your hand and you smile.
If I held it tighter, you wouldn't mind.

I must be sick in the head
for seeing you when I'm not supposed to.
Images. I can only see images.
Illusions, if you must put it that way.

I am still holding on.
I am still here.
I am still giving.
But I need to let go.

Sunday, June 20


I am standing on the edge of a cliff ready to fall.
There was a rope around my waist, which I quickly removed.
I look down, hoping someone might catch me.
I was hoping it would be you.

I smile because you are there.
And then begin to laugh at myself
because you turned away
When you saw me.

Beautiful sights are waiting for me.
And I still choose to fall beyond the cliff
even if no one will embrace my fall
because I do not want emptiness.

Fall even if there is nothing to fall on.

Friday, June 18

I never thought that removing you from my system would cause this much damage.

I feel lost and confused and I don't like it. I wish I had a magic lamp to wish you away and not make me suffer.

I succumb. I have no idea, no clue on what I'm doing. :|

Wednesday, June 16


A Picture of You

It's funny that I have an amalgam of emotions whenever you come to mind. There are waves of joy, lines of anger and circles of a certain four-letter word. I look at myself in the mirror and all I imagine is your eyes staring back at me. As I leave for school, I am searching for an indication, any sign that you're around. All I get is a picture of you in my head. I am in no control of the environment, I simply go with what my mind is cruising to. I sway with my emotions crashing to the rocks of uncertain possibilities.

I know I should stop. And stop I will, when I finally erase that picture of you.

Tuesday, June 15


Suddenly I wanted to be near you.

Suddenly I didn't care.