Monday, August 30

tug of war

I walked into the room
You, in an adorable shirt
One that I love on you
You don't notice me.

I can see you staring
Or maybe it's my imagination
It runs wild you see
When it's you.

You pass by
I want to say something
But I turn away
I don't want to notice you.

Saturday, August 28

on my way to 400

I'm stopping with the emo shizz for a while and will just update you with my life. I have two papers due next week and I'm about finished with 1/4. I feel so bummed that I'm so lazy these past few days. So I'm just going to post a few pictures instead.

It was my bestfriend Roan's birthday last Thursday but we had a mini-debut for her last Tuesday. It was organized by her boyfriend Paul and some of our high school friends. :) We had so much fun!
18 shots with Yakult. FTW hahahaha

Our Asian poses ~o~

We had balloons which we let loose on the roof deck.

Theme was High School. I miss HS.

These are the friends I can make the lolziest of poses with :)

5 years of friendship

5 years of friendship! I realized that my 4 years in high school wouldn't be complete without this girl. :)

Taken by Paul Gernale at her mini debut last Tuesday :)