Friday, May 25


I have braces na. hah.
Right now,masakit siya. woah.
going on a trip tomorrow.
Not really in the mood for blogging.
just dropped by.
So ciao!

Friday, May 18


I am so in a bad mood today. I just went shopping today and it cheered me up. But when I got back home and sister dear got on the internet,it got me upset. I mean I shouldn't be 'coz I'm on the net for almost 5 hours everyday. But it was sooooo late and I hate going to the net late. See? My eyes are droopy already and I'm gonna be turning in just a bit.

Hate. Hate. Hate. her.

Now,I may not have time to update my story because it's late. But I really do want to. I'm just experiencing mental block. I got so bored waiting for my sis a while ago. HATE IT.

I know I'm so spoiled in some ways but I can't help it. I know I almost always have to get what I want but I try to control it though. But right know,I'm hating my sis.

We'll be going swimming tomorrow. AGAIN. I don't spend too long in the pool 'coz I really don't want to get burned to a crisp. I'm already a morena, so... You know.

I just watched Shrek 3. It was hilarious. I loved J.T's character by the way,Artie? Yeah. Loved him. I'm so pissed right now. So I'm signing off.

*notice i'm writing in black. angry j9*

Wednesday, May 16

how obsessed am i?

Nakoo. You heard right. I just saw James Lafferty while watching the new season. Season 4. Loves him.Ü How obsessed am I? I almost drooled when I saw him. I'm weird.haha.

yummy right??Ü

i'll be posting the HOT pics of my other HOT addictions.Ü *hugs*
btw. dentist again tomorrow. hello anaesthesia!♥

the side of me.

I cannot believe how twisted I am.
To almost answering back to my father.[I got as far as not saying sorry to him.]
I was so angry at that time. I refused to speak.
Which I think is a fair thing to do since
I just hate the fact that I was called 'tanga'.
A person can just make a mistake right? But it doesnt mean...
I wanted to fight him but I couldn't out of fear.
Thankfully,my dad and I are okay now.[so I think.]
What occurred earlier just brought back who I was before.
The Janine who was 'palaban',didn't care. I don't want to go back to
I was just 'selfish' before,I guess.
I don't want to go back there anymore.
I just don't.
To all you people who love HANA YORI DANGO,
I am officially one of your members.
I was LMAO while I was watching that.
I was just channel-surfing when Dom Yu Ji's[did I spell it right?] face was there
talking to the girl?[I'm still getting the hang of their names. I'm getting there.]
I loved everything about it.
It was a lot better than Meteor Garden
They had a beautiful female lead,but I wasn't impressed by Dom Yu Ji.
[still sticking to that spelling,ok?]
But I so so so LOVED Rouie[spell check here]
I cannot say enough.
But I loved the scenes and overall,
sweetiej9 is signing off. Have to catch up on my story.

Monday, May 14


BEWARE of people who are only gorgeous at the back.
Once they face you...
OH no. HELL.
It was a Sunday morning. We packed our bags.
We got up at 6 am to go to Bulacan.Ü
We went to hear the Mass.
Up front was a guy.
He was skinny,had nice hair.
Then he turned.
HELL. I can't say ugly...
I'm so bad.Ü
I'm now tired and I'll just update my story.
Wanna hear something?
Coke Light.
Great taste. No calories.
Peace.Ü love y'all.Ü

Saturday, May 12


We're going to Bulacan tomorrow. Elections na kasi. Haaayyy.
Don't get me wrong. Okay naman na magelection kaso lang doesn't it make things worse?
Andaming nagpapatayan. I mean what do you want with POWER di ba?
My gosh. Ewan ko na talaga.
Just wanted to share.
I'm updating my story later by the way.
haha. tagal na kasi e.Ü

Friday, May 11

i can't get enough.Ü

I dunno why I'm being called magaling. I mean,it's just a story. I'm not even on the recommended authors slash stories list.
It's a shock to hear those compliments. I'm also feeling happy. haha.
People appreciate my work.
I'm so fcuking tired na. My dad's not even HOME yet.
It's 1o:oo pm on the PC's clock.
No one in this house is sleeping.
Well,except my mom.
I'm just tired and I want to sleep.
I mean WATCH.
I mean sleeping.
i'll see y'all in my dreams.
if i ever have one.
P.S. My head's hurting like hell.

these days....

dammit. these days,i got nothing to do but SURF THE NET every single hour. My gosh. I have nothing better to do. Besides if I'm not sufring the net,I'm watching TV. Or maybe not.
I can't believe myself sometimes. I'm so unpredictable.LOL.
I went to the dentist yesterday. I got tooth extraction. ▬ one word: PAIN.
but i loved the dentist. very gentle.
i LOVED anaesthesia. LMAO here. I punched my lip again and again. Thankfully,I din't get hurt.
I am just tired today. This'll be my last post.Ü
P.S. Countdown to my birthday: 4 months.1o days.


What is it really?
Google says: Infatuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning passion or love; addictive love.
I say: Whatever it is,I am feeling it.
Whatta day. I PMed him and he said he still remembers me. oh gosh. I was smiling ear-to-ear.ü i am so mababaw but I couldn't help it.
How can you not LIKE a guy who's:
•handsome. he looks like a korean.
•a singer[on my standards,me like.Ü]
•musically inclined[like me.]
•thoughtful and caring.Ü
•he knows how the female mind works.
It's the most insane thing ever. But he's constantly on my mind. Sometimes I wish I could just shut my mind off. To never let him enter anymore.
He's even invading my dreams. How can I not think about him?
But sadly...
He's got a new girl. Okay,they're NOT OFFICIAL. But hello? He loves this girl. He's PROUD TO SAY that.
Sad. But he'll only remain a dream. He'll only remain as my infatuation.
'coz no matter how HARD I try,I can never reach him.
j'attendrai tant que vous me voulez même si ils teel je vous ne sont pas en valeur lui.

HOT ADDICTIONS.<3 and did i say hot?Ü

i just described my hot addictions. i love them. ok. so maybe you hve no clue what the hell my big mouth is talking about right?


Here's the list of my Hot.Hot.Addictions.

•Pete Wentz[bassist of FOB]
•James Lafferty[OTH's own Nathan Scott]
•Topher Grace[That 70's show's Eric Forman. Venom.Spidey 3]
•James Franco[y'all know him.Ü spidey's bestfriend,Harry Osborn]
•Bryan Greenberg[OTH's Jake Jaglieski]
•Eric Mabius[Ugly Betty's boss,Daniel Meade]
•Chris Carrabba[last but not the least. frontman of Dashboard Confessional]

So y'all get the picture right? It's called OBSESSION. Not in a bad way. But in a good one,I think.Ü

but anyway,ciao!

i'll post later.Ü