Friday, August 31

still sick.

I am still sick. I think. Haha. But I can't afford to leave my blog, can I? So anyway, we went to the College department's booth which was a horror house. Or room, if you're being more realistic. So anyway, I though is was so über corny but I was super kaduper wrong. The ghosts there were chasing us. Creepy. But when we got out, we just laughed our butts off. haha. So I sympathize with Kathleen and Lizette because they took a dive when they were getting out. We also watched Moses, Moses, a play by Dulaang Kruhay. Nice Echel! That was a cool performance.

Anyway, I have to drink medicine. Muahx.

Wednesday, August 29


Lalala. I had a fever awhile ago and I have a migraine. This sucks. Just when I was supposed to be passing articles, I get a fever. Haha. I'm finished with 2 articles? haha. Anyway, this will be a busy week so the best of luck to me!

Tuesday, August 28

8 random facts. oh?

I was tagged by Ate Danika.

What I should do is post 8 random facts about myself and then tag 8 other people to do the same.

1. hmm. I wanted to be a doctor but I hated blood. Ironic huh?

2. All my siblings, including me, were born Cesarean.

3. I read the dictionary.[I am so weird.]

4. Before, I loved mimicking other people's voices. Now, I have an original voice. haha.

5. I also collected scented candles before. If you call, 4 pieces of candles a collection. haha.

6. I love wrestling with my brother.

7. I'm a proud Catholic.

8. I swam like a duck when I was little.[Want proof? Watch my home video. haha.]

Now I tag: Ayelle, Anj, Kath, Boan, Arnold, Ana, Mackee and Bianca.


Instructions: Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.


1. I love chinitos. But they got to be rich, and kind. hah.[So nangarap ako?]

2. After I eat in the morning, I go back to sleep. haha.

3. I love taking pictures of anything.

4. I can't sleep without a blanket. or blankey. waha.

5. I love eating Jap food. I can eat 8 pieces of maki!

6. I love taking über wacky pics. haha.

Now I tag: Ate Danika, Ate Nik, Janela, Kriselle, Boan and Arnold. :]]

Sunday, August 26

the evolution of my bookworming.

Everybody knows I am a bookworm. I buy 3 books a week. haha. And I finish a book in a day or two days at most except when I am busy. So I'm sharing you the evolution of my bookworming.

grade 1. I'm obsessed with fairy tales and Barbie books. I am serious. I still have the complete set. Also here, I read the Little Prince which I think was stupid, because at that time, I didn't understand it yet. Now I do.

grade 2. I'm still reading Barbie books.

grade 3. I am now evolving. I'm reading non-fic and I Wonder Why books. It's nice.

grade 4. I am now reading the Trojan war. I don't know what got me interested in that. But it was so interesting.

grade 5 and 6. I'm reading The Baby-Sitters Club. Which is fantastic by the way.

1st year and 2nd year- reading teen books. My eyes are opened to different things.

At present. I am still reading teen books plus reading Nicholas Sparks' and Mitch Albom's novels. Real cool.

So there you have it. I absolutely adore books. And I can't wait to have a new room. I want toooooo so bad. I'm tired of having to share the bed which was supposed to be all mine since my sis is supposed to be sleeping at the top bunk. Grr.

Friday, August 24

an excerpt from my story.

So here's an excerpt of my story. haha. hope you click ME. and enjoy.

Baby, now that I found you

Baby,now that I found you
I won't let you go
I'll build my world around you

I need you so…
Baby, even though…
You don’t need me now…

Baby, baby..
When first we met…
I knew in this heart of mine…

That you were someone
I couldn’t forget…

Spent my life looking for that somebody…
To make me feel like new...

Now, you tell me
That you wanna leave me…

But darling, Ijust can’t let you…

Now that I found youI won’t let you go
I built my world around you
I need you so
Baby even though...
You don’t need me now…

I stopped my iPod. I was playing my favorite song. I know I can’t relate but it’s still perfect… for me. I guess.

Lemme introduce myself. I’m Anastasia Maria Davis. I’m 16 and I live here in the United States. I’ve been here since FOREVER. My dad’s American and my Mom? Well, she’s a Filipina. So as to my looks, I have black hair but a very American face. I’m fair. And I’m tall. Like 5’8”. But mind you, I almost don’t know how to speak Tagalog. I guess I never tried to learn it. I live in New York. The best city in the world. I’m a normal kid. I am a fashionista at heart. Who wouldn’t be in New York?

Now, you know me. Oh, by the way I go to William C. Peterson Prep School.[author’s note: school is fictional.] Yes, I go to a private school. They treat me as the most popular girl there. But I’m not.

So, let’s get back to that boring Saturday morning. I’m still in my room. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet. So I went down and ate my breakfast. My parents are not here, as usual. I’m not surprised since they’ve been like that since I was born. I got up again and decided to go shopping. I called up Chelsea, my best friend ever.

Hey Chels, you wanna go shopping with me?

Yeah, sure. I’m kinda in need of skirts. Haha.

Oh, okay. So let’s meet like in the mall, kay?


I dressed up and did my hair. I’m born straight so my hair’s kinda boring. I got the keys to my car and drove to the mall. I saw Chelsea and we shopped until we dropped. Hah. I got a credit card, you know.

Hey Asia, are we going now? I need to be home by 9 pm. My mom wants to discuss things.

Sure. Let’s go.

We went home. When I got home, my mom and dad were waiting for me….

And they usually don't. What could be up? Huh

Oh. Hey guys.

Hey, princess. Can we talk to you?

Sure. What's up?

Your mom and I were thinking of sending you to the Philippines.

What? But I can’t. New York is my home. My life’s here! Why are you ruining my life??

Honey. You need to learn your culture and at the same time, being without us. You’ll finish your school year there. Don’t worry, honey. We have a house there. And you still have maids there and a driver. We just want you to be okay if we’re not there.

I don’t think I have a choice.

I got up and went to my room. I’m gonna miss New York. Most of all, I’m gonna miss my friends and…

My boyfriend.

Yup, you heard right. I do have a boyfriend. We’ve been going steady for 2 years now. How will I say this to him? How can I leave him?

Somebody’s knocking on my door.

Honey. I want you to pack your things starting tomorrow. You’ll be going to the Philippines next week.

I hate them. It’s late now. I’m still awake. I’m lying here in bed and thinking of what will happen to me when I go to the Philippines. My cell phone vibrated and I answered it.


yan. enjoy. haha.

Thursday, August 23

it's done. and i'm still busy.

This sucks. Our exams are finally over. But I'm not so sure about that Geom exam. I am swearing it. Grr. I still have at least 10[or more?] articles for the Herald. I cannot believe how busy I am. This super kaduper sucks. But I can do this. Yea, babyyy. haha. This is my 100th post by the way and I am so happy. yey. In a span of almost 4 months, I already have 100 posts. Yey.Ü

You can help me celebrate by dropping by my blog and commenting.



Wednesday, August 22


I am nearing my 100th post. Only 1 more post to go. So anyway, I am supposed to be studying for the Periodical Test. This is the last day. But I have to do an article on Ninoy and it is supposed to be due tomorrow. I haven't done 3 more articles and the deadline is almost near. I have to squeeze my mind to think of what to write in the articles. Anyway, I just dropped by to say that suko na ako sa Chemistry. Seriously. Kamusta naman ang pointers namin di ba? p. 1-100. Hay nako. But I have to study so I can pass.

xoxoxoxo. take care.

Tuesday, August 21

happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dearest LOLO! We visited him in the cemetery awhile ago. We prayed the Rosary and ate donuts! Haha. Told you it was a celebration. Hay. I miss my Lolo. The food he used to prepare. Yum. He played with us. I miss him. So anyway, we also had pansit & adobo. Yey. So delish. I'd just like to say, I love my lolo and I miss him.


By the way, I drank wine so I dunno if I'll be able to study. haha. But I looooovvvveeee Novellino. And I didn't exercise. But I guess I still am happy. Does red wine cause endorphins? haha.

i love dreams.

Ok. So I don't really love dreams. I just like them. But, I had such an awesome dream last night that I couldn't bear to not blog about it. SO here it goes.

I was near an abandoned house. And it was old and scary. As I went inside[don't ask. I have no clue why I went inside.], I looked at the place. It really was old except for one part of the house that was really elegant for some reason. I looked further and I noticed a room. I went inside and lo and behold! A guy was there. He looked really sick and of course, I took care of him. It seemed that we grew closer.

The next scene. We were in school. It was so hard to describe but I think I could. We were somewhere near the lockers. My friend called me up.[a guy] For no reason at all, he hugged me. So HE[the first guy], looked kinda angry and I approached him and said, "Ano ba problema mo?
" He just looked at me and said nothing. He hugged me.

The last scene. I logged onto my Friendster and I saw his profile. There, his shoutout said, "So? Alam kong hindi na ako tatagal, pero basta't alam kong nandyan ka,ok na. 0910..." Then I woke up.

It seems like I do know a lot about him. He's sick, his mother doesn't take care of him. So that explains his part of the house. I just can't explain the feeling I had when I woke up. My initial reaction was, "Who are you?". Then up to when I was going to school, my heart was beating so fast. It was like magic. I know that's so clichè but that was what I felt. Who was that? I'm just wondering. He was chinito, about 5'9, and maputi.

Anyhow, I'm going. I want to sleep and I haven't studied yet.

Monday, August 20

out of this world.

I am such a weirdo. Who would go reading a dictionary on such a day? Haha. I'm kidding. But I do read the dictionary occasionally. I am weird, what'd I tell you? So it's pretty gray outside and I am guessing and NOT HOPING it'll rain again. I was up so late last night. I mean it. I slept around 2 am.[nice sean!] I was watching Rated OH around 10 pm. [was that 10 pm?] And they featured for their "Incredible Edibles" segment was a Japanese reataurant. Red Kimono. So anyway, my mouth was practically drooling because of that segment. Yum Yum Yum. So I'mma show y'all why I love it so much. I want to eat there!♥ Ok. The scoop on Red Kimono. It is not just your typical Japanese restaurant with the usual sightings of tempura, sashimi, maki, sushi and the like. Yet it also focuses on modern Japaneses cuisine like crabstick rolls with wasabi mayo, salmon and cream cheese maki, and the California crunch maki, a variation of the usual California maki, wrapped in tempura batter, fried and served hot (not cold). I so want to eat there. wee.


Man. I don't eat tofu often but that is just simply appetizing, don't you think? That's the Layered Spinach and Tofu with miso paste.

Now we're talking. That's Salmon and Cream Cheese Maki, baby. Now I want to try that. It looks so delish!

Now you're really at it. This is the California Crunch Maki. I loooovvveee this. It looks pretty and I'm sure it tastes scrumptious too. They added a twist to our favorite maki. Yummm.

This is just about where I bid goodbye. But I'd like to thank this. This is where I got my pics and info. Plus I'd like to thank this. This showed me the prices. Which is not far away from Kimpura. So I'll be going there! Expect me. Muahaha.

Anyway, the doll is apparating now.[officially, I'm a Potterhead. Oh, my bad. I was a Potterhead since Grade 3. lol.]

Sunday, August 19

the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

I loved the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. The book. I bought it last time. National had a sale, so I went wild. But not as wild as I was for Powerbooks. It was so cool. I bought 3 books. Lol. Grr. I went shopping again. haha.

The Sisterhood. It starts in one summer when Bridget, Carmen, Lena and Tibby. They all spend a summer apart from each other. They discovered the Pants had some kind of magic. lol. It was so cool. haha. Anyway, here are some quotes I got from it. lalala.

***Not all who wander are lost.--J.R.R Tolkien
***Luck never gives, it only lends.--Chinese Proverb
***Rule # 1. The customer is always right. Rule # 2. If the customer is wrong, refer to rule # 1. [lol. haha. ]

that's all. lalala.


I hate break-ups. Don't you? It's sad and heartbreaking and such a pain in the ass. First of all, you start with the crying. "Why?" is mostly asked. Then you reminisce about your good times. Then you'll start hating him. Right?

Breakups are sad. But I guess it's just God's way of saying, HE found someone better for you.

Saturday, August 18

i'm tired.

I am tired. Wa. I just dropped by this blog and Imma start studying again. I'm almost finished with SS and I am starting on English. So I won't be here often. But please do understand my dear bloggie. I'm über kaduber busy. wa. and nervous.

i'll miss you. muahx. :]]

Friday, August 17

bagyong EGAY and operations.

It was so devastating to watch the news. I mean, seeing those people suffer in evacuation centers because their homes are flooded. Man, I'm so mean. Here I am, rejoicing that classes have been suspende for 2 days while people are in evacuation centers all cooped up. I was finally rejoicing because periodical tests were suspended and then I watched it. Wah. Conscience. I should be thankful right now because our house is far from floods. I should be.
Thank you, thank you that my parents found a cool place to live and at the same time safe from floods.

My dad's having an operation tomorrow. Man, I'm über scared for him. Wa. It's not major or anything. In fact, I'll even go to the dentist while he's at Asian. I'm über scared na. wa. Good luck to my dad.

Btw, I'm so crazyyyyy about calamansi juice.

Someone Like You-theme song for the Dust Factory

lalala-loved this.
here goes.

Written by Luis Bacalov & Anna Karin Klocker
Lyrics by Eric Small and Anna Karin Klocker
Performed by Hayden Panettiere and Watt White

I've waited so long
For a boy like you
To make things perfect
Fantazilating and true

I've waited, too
For someone like you
To make things perfect
Dancing and sharing and dreaming we do

Both of us searching
And racing through space
On an endless afternoon
I wish I could find the mysterious man in the moon
You hopeful smile gives me courage to see
What our love is made of
Making things perfect

I need a boy like you
(I need a girl like you)
I need a boy like you
(I need a girl like you)

I've waited so long
(I've waited so long)
For a boy like you
(For a girl like you)
To make things perfect
Sharing my secrets with you

I've waited, too
(I've waited, too)
Your eyes so true
(Your eyes so true)
Keeping my secrets
Giving me treasures and a sense of our love

Both of us searching
And racing through space
On an endless afternoon
I wish I could find the mysterious man in the moon
You hopeful smile gives me courage to see
What our love is made of
Making things perfect

I need a boy like you
(I need a girl like you)
I need a boy like you
(I need a girl like you)

The Dust Factory.

I am so addicted to this film. I watched it awhile ago on Star Movies and I thought it was über boring but IT SO WASN'T. I loved it. It starred Ryan Kelley as Ryan Flynn and Hayden Panettierre as Melanie. So here goes the synopsis:

"The Dust Factory" is an adventure about the love and friendship between two teenagers who help each other through a difficult time in their lives.

Ryan Flynn (Ryan Kelley) is a wondrous young boy who hasn't spoken since witnessing his father's death at the age of nine. Even though his world is silent, Ryan, now thirteen, has formed a unique bond with his best friend Rocky (Michael Angarano), his mom Angie (Kim Myers) and his step-father Lionel (Peter Horton). They all respect the world he lives in, never treat him as though he's different, and encourage him to find the things in his life that he enjoys.

It seemed like any other summer day. Ryan and Rocky have taken off for a day of fishing at the lake nearby. With Ryan on in-line skates and Rocky on his bike, they race to their favorite fishing spot. The shortcut to the lake is over an old rickety bridge that Rocky is always hesitant to take. Ryan, on the other hand, races across. Tragically, the rotted wood gives way, and Ryan falls into the water below. Underwater, Ryan has been knocked unconscious and is magically transported to a fantasy realm known as The Dust Factory. A place Ryan will soon find mirrors his fear of mortality.

As Ryan swims to shore, Rocky is nowhere to be found. He rushes home to find the house he grew up in quiet, his mom absent, and his grandfather sitting quietly in his bedroom. They speak, which surprises both of them. Grandpa Randolph (Armin Mueller-Stahl) has been suffering from Alzheimer's and hasn't spoken a word in years. This sparks curiosity in Ryan. Where is he? Is he dead? The young boy who hasn't said a word in years is now having a conversation with the grandfather he hardly knows and thought he had lost forever.

What follows for Ryan is a journey of courage, and it is built on dreams.
In this strange yet familiar world, Ryan meets Melanie (Hayden Panettiere), a precocious young beauty, who steals his heart. Together they embark on an adventure where they confront their fears and develop a friendship built on trust and love.

Melanie explains this enchanted new world to Ryan and introduces him to The Dust Factory: A big top where attempting a triple flip from the trapeze can send him back to the life he left behind--a life of uncertainty and fear. Ryan finds himself caught between "taking the leap" and staying in The Dust Factory with its endless days and the comfort of an unchanging landscape.

For awhile, The Dust Factory seems to be the perfect fit. Melanie and Ryan teach one another to dance and laugh again, both finding a renewed joy in life. Ryan also spends time with his grandfather, who imparts his wisdom and knowledge to help Ryan make the right decisions for his own young life. Ryan, Melanie, and Grandpa all have different experiences to share with one another, and they are all in a place, somewhere between heaven and earth, with a very important decision to make. Ultimately, they all need to face the challenge of finding their way home.


Ryan Flynn: When I die, I don't want it to hurt.
Grandpa Randolph: Once upon a time there were three men who decided to climb the tallest mountain in their country.
Ryan Flynn: Which mountain?
Grandpa Randolph: The tallest - that's the point. These fellows knew if they succeeded, they would be showered with wealth and power by the king.
Ryan Flynn: For climbing a mountain?
Grandpa Randolph: This happened a long time ago, when climbing a mountain wasn't a weekend sport. They even referred to the mission as a "quest for paradise."
Ryan Flynn: This is an honest to goodness fable, huh?
Grandpa Randolph: You'll see. Now, the king had a beautiful daughter, and he promised her hand to the bravest of the men.
Ryan Flynn: So even if the guy was an ugly toad with fart's breath, she'd have to marry him.
Grandpa Randolph: Yes, yes. Halfway up the mountain, one of the men turned to the guide and said he couldn't justify the strain of another day's hiking just for the king's good blessings.
Ryan Flynn: Go on, Grandpa.
Grandpa Randolph: Go on, go on, go on. Next morning, the second man decided to climb was foolish. Even if the king were offering pails of gold, he figured it wouldn't be worth spending from his deathbed. So, off he went. The last man... The last man was chipper as a fox in a chicken coop! Already counting his good graces... Anticipating wealth, wench, happiness!
Ryan Flynn: The guy's stylin'.
Grandpa Randolph: Guys stylin', yes. Well, his excitement was short-lived as the guide outlined the final day's journey. Treacherous. This fellow just shook his head in disgust. I mean, for a spoiled child bride, it would take all the king's money to keep her happy, anyway. So, without even a proper fare-thee-well, he turned on his heel and left the young guide alone. And you know what the guy did then?
Ryan Flynn: Bailed?
Grandpa Randolph: He went for it.
Ryan Flynn: Cool.
Grandpa Randolph: Cool! Yes.
Ryan Flynn: So, then what?
Grandpa Randolph: After two more days, he reached the precipice and discovered a weathered bench looked out over the countryside... cupped his hands and shouted, "What paradise is this?" He was answered by a beautiful voice. "What paradise do you seek?"
Ryan Flynn: The Fair Footed Flekk?
Grandpa Randolph: Yes, she skipped through the clouds as is she were light as air itself. She explained how the men he'd started with were glory seekers expecting paradise, but disappointed. Disappointed at the price. The young man was touched and moved as he looked out over this tiny piece of the world seeing with a clarity he'd never known. And a word trembled from his lips... Paradise.
Ryan Flynn: And the Fair Footed Flekk?
Grandpa Randolph: Gone... into the clouds. Memory.
Ryan Flynn: Climbing the mountain was his reward?
Grandpa Randolph: Climbing was his paradise.
Melanie Lewis: Make me a promise?
Ryan Flynn: Sure.
Melanie Lewis: If you decide you want the four seasons again...
Ryan Flynn: That mean jumping at the big top. Forget it. I'm never going home.
Melanie Lewis: But if you change your mind, promise me you'll tell me first?
Ryan Flynn: Why?
Melanie Lewis: I might consider going is all.
Melanie Lewis: You know, I can still do everything better than you can. Faster - always will. Ryan Flynn: You can't always win. Melanie Lewis: I'll always beat *you*. Ryan Flynn: And I won't mind... I'll never forget you, Mel. Melanie Lewis: will. Ryan Flynn: No, I won't. See ya later. Melanie Lewis: Not later. Just see you.
Grandpa Randolph: Dust is a funny thing. It's everywhere all at once, like a teeny, tiny snowstorm, in every ray of light. Even the moon is just a big dust ball. But you know, it's all in the way you look at it. Not this way or that way, not forways or backways. Just believe before you look. The man in the moon has a magic all his own.

Thursday, August 16

Small Stuff and Friends.Ü

Small Stuff. Don't sweat the small stuff. Yea. Yeah. I should remember that. Every little thing that's so annoying gets me. Grr. I'm so mataray.

So remember the first day of classes and you have new classmates and everything? Well, I just remembered that. Hmm. I was a transferee in CSA then. This was first year. I was used to adjusting since we always moved. I got to a section called Bl. Josephine Mary, the transferees' section. Kathleen and Lesley were there, so we talked. AND! dan dan dan dan. Two girls were talking in front of me and we acquainted ourselves with each other. The girl who's so kulit is no other that Roan, my best friend of almost 3 years. [3 years na ba? tanda mo na,roan. haha.] Malapit na kasi birthday mo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROAN!♥ Happy birthday, my best friend![kahit na baliw ka. haha.]

study sessions.

I'm now currently studying Visual Basic. Wa. It's so uper kaduper borrrriiiinnnggg. But I can do this. I already studied CVE and TLE. Yipee. Just dropped by.

Wednesday, August 15


I am always known for my list of HOT addictions. I narrowed it down to the ones I almost always think about. I think there are at least 4 or 5 now. SO here they are:

-starred in Hana Yori Dango Seasons 1 & 2 as Domyouji Tsukasa. A Japanese and a member of the famous band in Japan called ARASHI. Hot. Number one because he makes me drool.

member of The Click Five. The vocalist. He's a 20 year old hunk and he has the cutest hair.

bummer. won't get to see him in their concert here. Anyway, Pete is the bassist for the famous band Fall Out Boy. He writes most songs and he's always the star in their videos. HOT. Although he picked a wrong type of girlfriend, he's still a hot musician.

-HOT. Stars in One Tree Hill as Nathan Scott. He's half Pinoy, did you know? There was a rumor that he died, I think last year or early this year which I got all freaked out about. Then I found out it wasn't true. JAMES IS ALIVE AND KICKING!

the vocalist of Dashboard Confessional. He has loads of tattoos, and I hate tattoos BUT he's hot. SO he's a big exemption!♥

And I don't know where I got this. I think in friendster but he was SO HOT that I just had to put him here. That's a model of what I like in guys. except for the piercing. But this guy can carry it so that's HOT. used him in Sing My Heart Out. Jonah Dajao. teentalkers who read my story, remember?

That's all. Wah. I love my HOT addictions. But don't get me wrong. I don't get obsessed with them. I just like their faces. HAHA.

my NET-mouth strikes again.

Boo. What a day. So I'll blab here again since this is MY blog anyway. haha.

Class Standings are being shown now and it makes us feel worried again. I felt worried about my CS in Math and AA because I'm over-the-top stupid in those subjects. But, I believe I passed naman. Ok. That's that.

I got all weird again because I'm stressed once again. We played pranks kanina.[nice, seatmate!Ü]. So I was laughing and laughing and even though my tummy hurt, I still kept laughing. Man, I am weird. One other stupid thing is, super lakas na ng ulan kanina and we're still in school pa. It flooded na nga because our school is like a big drain. We're poor. Hah. They're making a swimming pool yet they can even afford to make cement our driveway. Stupid.

Studied Atomic Models awhile ago and I felt really tinatamad so I couldn't really listen. Hmm. When do I listen? Hah. But I understood. School is really boring. The fun thing about school is being with classmates, right?Studied wars and battles of Greece and Persia. It was so cool. And remember the movie 300? You wanna know why? Because in the Battle of Thermopylae, the Spartans were outnumbered so they left 300 men WITH FAMILIES to face a certain death. The reason was they already had successors. Wah. That was sad.

Noli Me Tangere. I'm addicted. It's so cool even though I don't usually read those novels in Filipino. I find them boring and I don't really understand Filipino super well. So this is a surprise that I like Noli Me Tangere. I liked Florante and Laura too but I felt different about that Noli Me Tangere. haha.

More time to study for the upcoming Periodical test. Woopee. Gots to get going.Ü
but I'll post my new list of HOT addictions later.Ü

Tuesday, August 14


Being stressed is certainly an understatement for third year. We have a lot to do. I'm worried about our radio assembly thingy. It might not work. Wa. I'm worried about that. I'm under a lot of pressure right now and it's killing me. So when I get all weird, it means I'm relieving my stress. An example for that? Hah. Practice was over and we decided to stay in the room since my mom was to pick me up at 7 pm pa. Lizette started dancing to "Hey Magdalena" and I got this crazy idea to dance too. So Andrew joined in and we made some funny steps and well, that took the stress out of me. Now, it's kinda all coming back. Grr.

By the way, I got my Class Standing in AA and Geom. It's acceptable. I got 70 up. That's cool. I still have to ace the Periodical which is impossible, but I'll try.

Anyway, I have to go. I have to solder at least 3 components. Boring. And I now have a phobia in holding soldering irons. BURN. boo. It's still not getting better. My hands are rough and have callouses and blisters. Eew.


I have no idea what that means. But for me, I think that means I'm bored, eh? We're here in the Computer Lab and I am bored to death. I felt sleepy awhile ago in Science class. Hmmp. Seriously. What is happening to me? haha. Funny. :]

I haven't studied yet and I do have to study now since I have to convince Mama that I need those things I'm craving. haha.

Gotta go. I'll post later..

Monday, August 13

these things.


We discussed the Little Prince awhile ago and I was touched by the things the author put in there. I thought it was a children's book, but once you analyze it, it is so much deeper. I loved it. I loved the "quotable quote" according to Ms. Bandril. In fact, I even used it in my story on Candymag. It was so cool. It struck my heart strings.


So, remember when I was super depressed in my last entry and I was carrying this big weight on my shoulders, well, I have to say I have banished it! The radio assembly thing which I was so worried about, well it turns out, I don't really have anything to worry about. My mom finally bought a soldering iron and I used it just awhile ago. That's why I am so hating it. I got burned by it awhile ago, and although I admit it was the effect and consequence of my
STUPIDITY, I still have the right to say it hurts. It keeps on giving me pains here and there so I can't really type as fast as I did before. Nor could I open things. Hmmpp. Sucks when I can't do that. It makes me feel helpless. Ok, so now the things I am worried about are the the news articles for Herald. I am having such a hard time writing news articles. I just don't know why. But if I write for Feature, I can do it in a wink. But that's life.

We discussed about Greece in Social Studies and although I take my hats off to them, I'd like to put it back on. Why? Because they believe men are SUPERIOR which is so not true. All people are equal and therefore, all people should be given equal rights. If he can vote, I should vote, too. I'm not being a feminist but hey, that's the truth. I just got so fired up about that, so I violently reacted to that. Not literally. It's just that we are just different, but hey, we're all equal.

I have to go now because these burns are hurting badly and I have to think of a way to convince my mom to buy that flashy mp4 from Ate Angel. Hmm. Bet she will. My birthday's coming up so you better give me gifts! hah. Kidding. I'm going. Poof!

Sunday, August 12

i'm a drama queen.

The post awhile ago was just super dramatic. Hmmpp. I just hate myself. Grrr. I make a fuss about problems and I can't bear to solve them and I don't know what to do. And I have lots of things to do. OMG. I'm ironic.

I have 4 articles for the Herald all in all. 3 for news and 1 for feature. I don't know the email address of my new editor. My soldering iron is broken. I'm supposed to show Sir Vitug my output on the radio assembly thing. I'm pining for a guy which I never do. He's not coming back. The periodical tests are coming and I haven't even opened a single notebook. I'm afraid I won't get to be in the Top 10 now. I don't know if I should be proud of myself now. I need something but I don't know what. I'm in a total mess now and I think I should just absolutely visit a shrink. I DON"T WANT TO GET THROUGH THIS ANYMORE!

I can't get over this. My heart is carrying some kind of weight and I don't know how to get rid of it. Hmmp. Let's just move on to another topic.

As if that's a big surprise. I'm craving to buy the two books of the Pretty Little Liars series. I do! It just sounds so interesting as I read on. I'm dying to know what will happen to Aria and the teacher she's in love with, Emily and what will happen to Maya, her new friend, Spencer and her relationship with her sister's boyfriend, Hanna and her ways to get thin. Wah. I'm so craving. Hmmp. Plus I want to buy the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. I saw the movie kasi and I loved it. Yey.


I hate this day. This is a stupid day. I wish I could write in French so these words won't come out of me. Well, I could avoid it. Haha. I got a lot of things on my mind and this is stupid. have you ever experienced a day when all things seems to go out of plan? Out of proportion? This is what's happening to me right now. First, HE goes away to Japan. Then everything's going wrong at school.

Sometimes, I feel like I need to see a shrink. I just do. Hah. I'm schizophrenic, now. WAH. I think.

big thanks.

A biggie thanks to Jari! Thanks for completely getting that name out of my cbox. well, not completely. pero at least natabunan mo. BIG THANKS!

Whatta lovelife noh, Jari? haha.


It's a super busy day today since it's fiesta and there's a lot of people in our house. My reckless and chaotic cousins are here. haha. So anyway, super weird ang nangyari kagabi. I won't go into detail. But it super creeped me out. It was a first. Well, I mean not the confession and everything but the pakonsensya when you reject someone. Hay. I hate people like that. And threatening that they'll die if you reject them. My gulay.

Anyway, that made me angry so I'll get on with what I have to say. People keep adding me to Friendster and I reject them if I don't like their faces. So if I do, well, hop on. haha. Multiply is different. It's so different.

I forgot to tell you that I have a LiveJournal blog already. Or did I say that na? I don't think so. Problem is, I'm a NOOB. As in newbie. haha. It's sad. But I figure I'll get the hang of it. That's all. Got a lot to check out and everything. Ciao.

Saturday, August 11

random things.

I changed my official color for this. Now changing it to red. It is cool. haha. I just realized that I changed my font color for every entry. Kinda hard to read. So this is the official color okay?

So anyway, here it is. Fiesta tomorrow! So everybody's busy and all since we'll have visitors over again. Just my cousins and relatives. Haha. Good luck tomorrow. With all the hype and chaos. haha.

I finished reading Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. It's so creepy. But it's cool. The only downside is it's a 3 part series. I'd have to buy the 2 books to finish. Boo. haha.

Ciao. I'd had so may posts today. Gotta stop. haha.

rants. haha.

I got this from this blog.

Use the 1st letter of your name to
answer each of the following...They
MUST be real places, names,
things...NOTHING made up! If you can't
think of anything, skip it. Try to use
different answers if the person in
front of you had the same 1st

And remember - you CAN'T use your name
for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name:
>> Janine

Famous Artist/Band/Musician:
>> Jennylyn Mercado? haha.

A song:
>> Jenny-TC5. Listening to it now.

4 letter word:
>> jinx

>> j...[no idea.]

>> jaguar

TV Show:
>> Joe Schmo. i love that show.

>> Japan![i'd love to visit this kawaii country.]

A Boy's Name:
>> Joey!

Girl Name:
>> Joy.

>> journalist. oh baby. yan gusto ko pag laki. haha. ai, malaki na pala ako. haha.

>> J.T. Justin Timberlake.

>> junk food? haha.

Something found in your kitchen:
>> juicer. haha.

Reason for Being Late:
>> j...wala e. haha.

people change.

They do, right? I was just reminiscing about the past awhile ago and I still am now as I am writing this blog. Let me tell you about the people who have changed in my life.

Starting off with my dad. My Dad has been very temperemental. I swear. He keeps shoutinga nd the like. But now, when I do something, he doesn't seem to get as mad as he did before. Which is nice. Second, my friends. They do change, although not entirely. They change in some ways they don't know. Third, me. I changed in big ways. I don't complain when given tasks anymore. I'm not rebellious anymore. Although I'll remain a suplada, I believe I have changed in some ways. Which is good.

Hmm. People change unexpectedly. Hmm. I'm getting sentimental.

I have to do that summary. What the hell. I'll bid adieu.

blah. haha.

Soundtrack of Your Life Survey

So, here's how it works:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp,
Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song
that's playing
5. When you go to a new question,
press the next button
6. Don't lie.

Opening Credits:
Best Deceptions-Dashboard Confessional


First day at school:
Jenny-The Click Five

Falling in Love:
You Ought To Know-Alanis Morisette[patay tayo dyan. haha.]

Fight Song:
Flipside-The Click Five

Breaking Up:
Bizarre Love Triangle-Frente

When You're Gone-Avril Lavigne[kamusta naman yun?]

Resign-The Click Five

Mental Breakdown:
When I'm gone-The Click Five[tumpak!]

The Reason Why-TC5

I'm Getting Over You-tc5 NAKS!

I'm With You-Avril L.

Birth Of Child:
Some Say-Sum 41

Death Scene:
Till They Take My heart Away-Clair Marlo
[tindi ah. haha.]

Black Coffee-All Saints

Ending Credits:
Will You Ever Learn-Typecast


By the way, new layout people. Love it. Going now. haha.

*Igi's got tickets to FOB. boo. How bout me? NONE! Hmmp. Plus, good news. A hot guy just added me on Friendster. Yea. haha.

the pics.

I forgot that I was supposed to put pics of TC5. With their über hot VOCALIST, Kyle Patrick. Here they are.

Love them. haha.

things. things.

I am so über happy because I am downloading the songs in The Click Five's new album, "Modern Minds and Pastimes". It has such a catchy beat and nice lyrics. Gawd. I lurvvveee them. Especially their new front man, KYLE PATRICK. HOT. Alternative to Pete Wentz. Hardy har. I am still depressed that I still don't have tickets and I won't probably have since my mom won't allow me. Hmmmppp. Plus it's somewhat expensive and posers who think they love FOB will be there plus the EMO people.

My opinion on EMO people:[if you have any bad comments, post it here. Don't bash me on your blogs. Plus this is my blog and I can say whatever I want. THIS IS MY OPINION.]

They dress in black which is okay, since I do love black.
They self-mutilate themselves.[at least some do.] NO. Just because you're not good at something, means you have to punish yourself for it. Plus if you're doing that for attention, it sucks. It won't do you good. It's stupid.

They love songs that tell them of hurt and despair.
Oh c'mon. You'll really experience that. It's just that it'll pass and you'll experience things that will make you happy. Right??

They feel that the world's against them.
Course not. Not against you. It's just that you have to deal with these problems. Life is a test.

That's that. Now, I'll go back to dloading these songs. Ciao.

Wednesday, August 8


I'm not going to school tomorrow. Have family relations to attend to. But more so, I'd have to go to Powerbooks tomorrow since they're going to watch "Ouija", the movie with Judy Ann on it. Like I care. I hate horror movies. They give me nightmares and I'm not afraid to admit it. Who cares? So I'll be hanging out in Powerbooks which is a treat. Haha.

I love The Click Five. They can replace FOB anytime. haha.


no classes.

Classes have been suspended which is cool. But need I remind you, my dear classmates that I love this day for it is the day that we don't have Advanced Algebra. Haha. And I'd like to watch the Josè Rizal thing. It's really caught my eye. So anyway, I just knew that classes were suspended after I took a shower which was freezing cold. I couldn't get back to sleep again and I just read HP 5. Then I finally fell asleep again and woke up around 9 am.

I got sorted again in Gryffindor. Which is a surprise. I thought I'd get into Ravenclaw like in Hex but anyway, I'm just glad that classes are suspended. hah.


Monday, August 6

lots to do. :]]

Super lots to do pa. The Periodical Test is fast approaching and I have to concentrate on a few subjects. Wah. The problem is, "Can I do it?". Plus I got a new article which is about Ninoy Aquino. Dammit. I've got lots to do and I am still on the Net. Wth.

Anyway, I just dropped by. I think it's been a while.

Thursday, August 2


I am loving the song of Paramore. It's entitled Brighter. And it's so cool. So here are the lyrics:

So this is how it goes
Well I, I would have never known
And if it ends today
Well I'll still say that you shine brighter than anyone
Now I think we're taking this too far
Don't you know that it's not this hard?
Well it's not this hard
But if you take what's yours and I take mine
Must we go there?
Please not this time. No, not this time.
Well this is not your fault
But if I'm without you
Then I will feel so small
And if you have to go
Well always know that you shine brighter than anyone does.
Now I think we're taking this too far
Don't you know that it's not this hard?
Well it's not this hard
But if you take what's yours and I take mine
Must we go there?
Please not this time. No, not this time.
If you run away now,
Will you come back around?
And if you ran away,
I'd still wave goodbye
Watching you shine bright.
Now I think we're taking this too far
Don't you know that it's not this hard?
Well it's not this hard
But if you take what's yours and I take mine
Must we go there?
Please not this time. No, not this time.
I'll wave goodbye (You shine bright)
Watching you shine bright (You shine bright)
I'll wave goodbye tonight (You shine bright)


Currently in the computer lab and this is so cool. I hate being alone. Wahh. ANyway, today is our Integrated Project presentation and I am nervous. First of all, I am going to report teh Aztecs, which of course is a cannibal community. Not at all times, but still.

Wednesday, August 1

so i had a bad day.

No. Actually, it isn't a bad day. I'm just so darn DEPRESSED and i hate this. I currently hate my life, school and love. I'm not being cynical nor emo. It's just that my life's in a haywire and I don't know what to do. I feel so bad today. Everyone's happy, smiling and in love. Me? I'm sad, frowning and IN LOVE. There's a fcuking big difference. So here I am, hoping I won't drop tears on our keyboard while I am writing this. I LOVE HIM. but he doesn't feel the same way. I am such a marytr. I hate this. I'm not like this at all. I'm a fighter. I think. I don't let myself get hurt. But now, I am hurt. I have to get a hold of myself.

AJA! I can do this.[i think...]