Sunday, June 29

other things.

MANNY PACQUIAO WON! It was a knock out victory. Good game, though I didn't watch. Seriously, you can't make me stay put in a seat when it comes to sports. I get ADHD when I sit down and that's on. So anyway, that was the time when I had TO listen because the stupid radio was on AM and my dad wanted to know what happened. This was on our way to our condo.

Stupid stupid someone. Wag ka tatawag. DI KO TALAGA SASAGUTIN.

Saturday, June 28

i love poker.

One major stress reliever is poker. ONLINE POKER, no real money or anything. There's drama & fun. I remember when we used to play, there was this big jerk who according to panget015(bj), "nambastos, lalo na sa girls". It was so effin stupid. But I loved the drama. So, no same things do happen in those rooms. It's never freakin boring in there. That's why I love TripleJack. Haha.

tiring saturday

Woke up around 3.45 AM. Lemme emphasize the AM there. We were needed in school at 5 am and I was the early bird, as usual. I hate being late. We did the refresher course, gladly one Saturday is now over. But, I have to say, I feel like I was beaten a hundred times. That's the body pain I'm feeling now. I badly need a massage and a mani-pedi.

I'm feeling a bit stressed now and I'm enjoying it. HAHA. I want to say a biggie thanks to Mr. Andrew Redimano. B, thanks for accompanying me kanina.

Friday, June 27



Gawd. Kill me now.

Thursday, June 26

1 day to go.

One more day to go and Unit Tests are over baby! Yes. Today's exams were kinda hard, but it wasn't a major problem. Computer was okay, except for the validation of the codes thingy. Social Studies was more on the application of Economics which I don't know if I did all right. HAHA. While in Mapeh, I was figuring out what kind of drugs are the items on ze test and the different stupid arts. English was difficult, especially with the vocabulary. Our teacher gave, like, 6 choices each. WOAH. Also, the sequencing part of the test was hard because, there were a lot of typos. My gosh. And finally Research. My paper was ruined because of that one topic per general topic. She totally didn't specify. Argh. But overall, I believe I could pass the test.

One more day to go. Trigonometry, Physics, Entrepreneurship and Filipino. Woah, goodluck to me.

Wednesday, June 25

good news.

Some good news. FINALLY. My tita Moleth's getting a baby. Remember my blog entry that was primarily about a death of a baby. Well, their baby died and it was even named after me. Aww. But now, they're getting a new baby! YEY.

It's the Unit Tests again and it sucks being a student. There are some topics that are not even discussed yet and yet we have to endure the agony of answering the exams. I'm online today because I'm researching the musicians in the stupid 20th century. He should have discussed that. AAARGGH.

Oh well, that's all. Oh, and happy birthday to LA Roberto! So belated happy birthday too, to Nica Erguiza!

Good luck to me. Pray & cross your fingers that I pass the exam.

Word for the day: ADVERSARY

You know you love this kickass blog.

ED WESTWICK aka Chuck Bass. :]
Love him. Here in the Comp Lab suffering the stupid Internet Explorer.

Tuesday, June 24

unit test & terrible case of depression

OMFG. I feel a teensy weensy bit depressed because of what happened yesterday. I tried to text him and yet, no answer. So I'm not going to make a fool out of myself. I'll let him take his time and if possible, he should hurry up? HAHA. ARGH. I hate myself; I feel like I did something so bad that it's so unforgivable. Which I know that it's not.

On the contrary, examinations are coming again and I am under a lot of pressure again. I mean, it's like the start of the school year and yet, we're bombarded by so many quizzes & assignments. I despise being a senior. Besides, everybody's talking about college which makes me more anxious to be in this year level. One good thing though, other year levels respect you. That's nice.

More pressure on stupid Entrepreneurship. It absolutely sucks. First of all, our teacher is waaaay boring, her subject's boring and even her time is inappropriate. I can't help but yawn like a million times. So's Physics. If that wasn't a major subject, I wouldn't be listening to it now. So fcuking major boring. CVE! Even if that is a Values Subject, I do like the topics discussed. But man, it's so boring. Everyone's serious and I can't even humor myself in my seat. Now tell me, can I study for these subjects? I don't think so. And this reminds me, I gots to be going. I have a stupid quiz in TLE, CVE & English.

By the way, warmest hugs & kudos to my friends, Markee & Renren. They helped me make this blog possible. Thanks you guys! Love youuu.

More major scoop tomorrow.
You know you love this kickass blog.

Monday, June 23

Major ire.

Okay. I'm feeling apoplectic. Just a while ago, I was feeling fine and then, he had to ruin the moment. I know I'm ranting and everything, but I can't help it. As I said, this blog is my only therapy. And I'm glad it's back, by the way. Major fatuity was exercised because I texted something that really meant something and he disses it. And then, I still call him a friend. It's not my fault he CLAIMS he knows everything. God, I feel so inferior when I talk to him. It's as if everything I say is totally asinine. He is such an egomaniac. I want to march up there, tell him how gay & revolting his face is and then kick his butt. Seriously, what kind of friend makes you feel so stupid? And then he tells, "We're close na kasi." Stupendous assh*le.

See? I'm sooo pissed right now. He's so not funny. I just hope he eats his ego and then he chokes. All good and important now? You should prolly regret your words by now.

You know you love my kickass blog,

Thursday, June 19

all the drama.

It was a dramatic day today. My eyes almost dropped out from my intense crying. I've been having these problems lately and I can't seem to get myself together. All I wind up doing is posting to this blog and crying. It's because I've been undergoing a lot of pressure right now. With college applications and everything. What happened today was shocking that my eyes still hurt when I think about it. Seriously, I wanted to pass the form today. But, complications got in my way so there. My dad blew out of proportion. He said some over the top things that made me cry reallly hard. It went to a point that when I was crying in my room, I wanted to die right then and there. But, good thing, the feeling went away. I think. So anyway, I'll just be going to UP on monday. I'll have to be absent, but it's the only way.

I still feel bad today so I can't post a longer and better entry, obviously. I just needed therapy.

You know you love my kickass blog.

Tuesday, June 17

depressing daaaay.

Today was depressing. SCOOP TODAY? My phone got snatched. I didn't even notice. And here's the best news, it's only 2 months old. So yeah, I'll be dead by the end of this fcuking day.
OKAAAAY. I'm not dead. Surprisingly, it wasn't a bad sermon. I got what I deserved so bye, bye phooone. No new phones for me. My mom doesn't want to buy anymore. Stupid fcukked up snatcher. Err. I'm depressed now. And it's because, my mom just bought that and I lost it. I SUCCCK. :( I'm such a bad daughter. But I want to earn their trust again and I want a new phone so I'll have to save reaaallly hard and I have to be good.

But I seriously want to cry right NOW. NEW PHONE GONE. :(
And this time, there's no good "kapalit" anymore. :(

oh well. Back to my old stupid phone. :(

You know you love my kick ass blog.

Sunday, June 15

Very sad to say. But I have to agree. Wouldn't everyone? Right now, I have to make a script and yet, I'm here, typing for a blog because I believe this would eventually make me think straight. I've been bothered for the past few days because I can't shake this feeling of being lonely. I mean, I get the abandonment since IT is in love. Do people get like that when they're in love? Do they not care about people around them? That was specific and I may be utterly PSYCHOTIC for having to do this, but this just eats me up inside. I admit now that I'm actually writing about it, it isn't that bad anymore. I guess it's not. And although, I got some good advice[which I'm not taking btw.], I refuse to let this eat me up. Once and for all, I'm facing this head on. And I'm making it clear that, I DON
'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. It's officially over and done, and it was good while it lasted and it was nice having a good it. But, I'm done and I've got better things in mind. And as I said, THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE.

A lot of stupid people are asking if I have a lovelife. Okay, you're in over your heads. I don't and don't want to have one. Personally, I think having a boyfriend is a privilege, but not a necessity. I don't need a boyfriend right now. Let's make that clear.In relation to that, I don't want stalkers too. I wouldn't call him a stalker, but my sister is, so I might as well, too. This all happened more or less 2 or 3 years ago, when I was immature and had no interest in boys except those really hot ones. I don't want to go too much into detail as he might read this, but he's getting annoying. Until today, I didn't know he would frequently visit the house and hesitate to ring our fcking doorbell. OKAAAY. What's the deal, man? Just ring it so I can send your ass away! I don't want a stalker right now. OR EVER. Lay off my pretty face.

Till next time, punks,rockers & my crowd.
You know you love my kick ass blog.


therapeutic claims

Apparently, blogging does have therapeutic claims. I've been majorly stressed out this past week and it hasn't even been a freaking month! I've been relaxing today so that's why I'm cramming on the whole to-print stuff for school tomorrow. And that reminds me that I have to take public transport tomorrow because MOM AND DAD are apparently having their second honeymoon in a GIGANTIC HOTEL in Macau. Not that I'd want to be there, but if I was there, I'd go to the casinos even if I wasn't allowed. And yes, I have to be stuck here listening to fugly lectures and even more fugly teachers. OKAAAY. Exaggeration.

All this Internet is making me weak. I haven't done the artfolio thing that our Mapeh teacher wants us to do. Not that I'm complaining, but yeah, I guess I am. I need a shopping trip, a good mani-pedi and Chuck Bass. I did get a eyeful of him today since I had a Gossip Girl marathon today. And that makes me want to buy the book! In the book, Chuck is not an all-ladies man. In fact, he's bisexual. But I guess he's still hot. Especially in the series. Most of my classmates warned me about the season finale and that I was gonna get pissed off with Chuck. Uhh, sorry to rain on that hypo, mates! Lo and behold, never will I ever get pissed at Chuck Bass. Even if he did a raincheck on Blair and got laid by Amelia, the renovations bitch. Seriously, hot guys & hot fashion are the reasons why I love the series.

So anyway, I was with my lovable Tito a while ago. He was dropping us off at a studio[I needed photos, which by the way was monstrous. I looked so wasted.] and he was telling us he was going to take up something again. Well, that's new since he just graduated a year ago from his MA. So he was talking about this mystery college which I was able to squeeze out of him successfully, he is thinking about taking up[drumroll please....] LAW! Amazing. He said he looked at the curriculum and he'll be asking permission from their HR department if he could study again. And I'm so happy for him! That was soooo coool. My uncle may be such a goofball, but he is so admirable.

Oh well, that's all for now. You know you love my kick ass blog.