Monday, March 28

A stronger poison, please.

A stronger poison, please.
A fresh piece of heart
brewing in the cauldron.
Is there enough evil to go around?
You are content
in feeding us with poison
Our eyes are blinded.
Did you do it?
We gave our offerings
and you couldn't care less.
A stronger poison, please.
so they would not know--
could not tell what mask
you are putting on.
Enough of the torture.
The blood has been shed.
The tears have come.
And you still say,
"A stronger poison, please."

Thursday, March 24

Should I rejoice in your words?

You text away,
wasting at least four pesos on me.
It should have warmed my heart before.
Now, should I rejoice in your words?

Should I wallow myself in happiness?
In something that I know is temporary
In something that I understand
is not worth anything for you.

Those words would have been enough
To comfort me that night
But no, it didn't measure up
and I didn't feel complete.

Should I rejoice in your words?
When all you've got are ten words--
to say at most
while I have a thousand on my mind.
But now, all I have is a word.

Saturday, March 19


Letters are coming
out of my mouth
Under the violent beam of light
I put my hands all over
I feel naked
I cry, "No!"
And the letters coming
out of my mouth
wouldn't spell it
I blow the letters to the wind
as far as I can
I still feel naked
The light is too bright
Grins are all over
Courtesy of you
I can hear laughs
I feel naked.
P-L-E-A-S-E S-T-O--
I am naked.

Thursday, March 17


How does it feel to be needed?
How does it feel to be wanted?
I can only imagine such things—
Tell me
How does it feel to be respected?
How does it feel to be cherished?
Tell me
I would not know.

Do you think about such things—
When you’re alone thinking so highly
Of yourself
And when you pride yourself in
Standing alone
In your mind, not a single person could help you
You are alone.

Do you appreciate anyone at all?
Nor feel gratitude in your heart
It wreaks havoc and despair
to a vulnerable heart.
You have no mercy.

Under the same sky
I fell in love with a merciless man
Under the same sky
I will drift away from him.

Monday, March 14


Ayaw mang aminin sa sarili
Hinahanap-hanap ka pa rin
Sa paglalakad nagmamakaawa
Nagdadasal na makita kang muli
Masilayan ka man lang
Sapat na
Hindi naman humihiling
Nang higit pa
Masilayan ka man lang
Hindi kailangan ng salita
Hindi kailangan tumigil
Ang mundo para
Sa ating pagkikita

Masilayan ka man lang
Sapat na.
Sapat na.