Monday, October 22

always tired.

Yeah, I am. I'm always tired. Our competition in Baguio is nearing and so we have to do extra time for our practices for the Talent Variety Show(TVS) and the Hiphop dancing. Hiphop is seriously wacko but I can deal with it.

I LOVE OUR TALENT VARIETY THINGY! It is so freakin funnn. haha. I get to be the stupid contestant on Eat Bulaga's "Itaktak Mo" segment. Dialogue will be:

CJ(host): Anong pangalan mo ate?
CJ: Bakit ka tataktak?
Me: PARA PO SA PAMILYA KO!(at boyfrend na koreano. NGEK. la ko nun.)

Itaktak mo. haha.

I so freaking loooove it. CMLI is so near na. haha. Yeaaaa, we can do it! GO AUGUSTINIANS! ROCK ON!

Tuesday, October 16

why not us?

Manny Pacquiao. Pacman. He's the most recognized boxer. The best in his field.

This is not a bash to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. In fact I am congratulating him for winning in the Will to Win 2.

Why only Manny?

Doctors, nurses, medical aids, domestic helpers, cooks and many more OFWs work and yet they don't get same recognition from the Filipinos as Manny does. When Manny goes back after his matches, he is greeted with a warm welcome. Maybe a parade at that. Courtesy calls are often practiced.

But when our OFWs get recognized, we don't even give a damn. It is true. That's the harsh reality. Yet they even endure more than just boxing in a ring or bruises. They endure emotional pain of not being with their families. WHY DO WE FILIPINOS NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR HEROES? We give more importance to the people who just box, shoot a ball and throw in a field. Isn't it good to recognize a new hero? A deserving recognition is what we should be able to pay in return to these people. They do not only suffer from the pains of being away from their families and homeland and yet, when they show us that they are really proud Pinoys, we disregard them.

I guess I can now understand why some Filipinos get white-washed. It's because they are martyrs in their own right, yet they never get thank yous from their relatives. I am not blaming all, but there are some relatives who don't give a damn even if you stay abroad just as long as they get good money. It is the harsh reality after all. This condition is inevitable.

Let's help change it people. RECOGNIZE THOSE PEOPLE! PROUD TO BE PINOY!

Regarding sa issue that I hate OPM stuff, I hate OPM bands. They're not my type. But I didn't say I hate all OPM. OPM bands like CHICOSCI(yeah, i hate 'em) are posers. I'm saying what I want here. So if you don't like what I'm saying, get the hell out.

Sunday, October 14


Run. Run as fast as I can. Run to the ends of the world. Run like there's no tomorrow.

It's difficult to live in this cruel world. I don't know what I'll face. There are problems, crises and the other things I don't want to talk about. Oh how I wish, just for a day. I could run to an island, sleep all day without worries, without people bothering me. I'd be all happy for that day. I'd be smiling on that day. I just want to run as fast as I can to someplace where nobody knows me, nobody cares for me. And no, I'm not emo.

I saw this quote today. "
You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." Yeah, right. I don't totally agree. I loved HIM but I lost. I lost, didn't I? I still can't forget him, though I'm not in love with him anymore. I LOVED HIM.

I want to run away. I do. XC


Something super strange happened to me. I was sleeping in my mom's bedroom since they were away. I was with my sibs and they were sleeping. I was sleeping my ass off na rin. Then suddenly that f'd up radio suddenly played. Spooky and it was playing, "Torete". I listened to it and somehow I still don't know the reason because for some reason, I think it was implying something. Although I am not in love with anybody as far as I know. OMG. What the f is happening?

Friday, October 12

the integrated project.

ANCIENT ROME. Our topic for the integrated project. Our group was supposed to portray the religion of Rome. As we all know, there are gods there and goddesses. We had the project last Thursday and it was a success, I think. Although there were wrinkled foreheads, hot heads and raised eyebrows, we managed to pull it off. So congratulations, JOHN STONE!

our god and goddesses.

So there. Do I look like a Roman Princess? Anyway, after all that preparations, we finally did the presentation. Overall, it looked great.

Yipee for us..

Sunday, October 7


Something tragic happened yesterday though no one got hurt. My mom got sideswiped by a jeep yesterday. And it wasn't her fault. Mannn, people like that are big fat morons.

It makes me so mad. She could've gotten hurt, so could've my siblings. grr.

MORONS. they never learn.

Saturday, October 6

field trip.

I had a blast today. It was our educational field trip and the destination? Seven Lakes in San Pablo, Laguna. Here's the full update.(i think)

Assembly was around 5.30-6 am? I got to school earlier since I'll be getting those jackets. BUT, sad to say, it wasn't there yet. So we panicked since we ARE BANNED from getting those jackets done. What a stupid rule, huh? So anyway, it finally came and we boarded the bus. Buddy was ROAN, of course. Thanks.

We stopped by a gas station to go to the restroom, buy extra food and the like. Took some pictures. Then, we went on our way. We visited Bunot Lake first. Lecture and it was raining. A BIGGIE THANKS TO BJ for not letting me get wet. I think, but he got tired and I just went ahead. So I got wet anyway.

We finally went to Kalibato Lake. Lecture. Muddy place.

PANDIN LAKE. the best. We started off by getting in the lake. We were wading and we played tug of war with the other section. Then, the hard challenge came. We had to climb a muddy steep path to get to the view of the YAMBO lake. haha. So it was hard but gladly SEAN helped me and my clumsy body and I got up and down from the mountain safely. Thanks. By the way, we also got on a raft and when we were about to get off, my foot fell into a hold in the middle. It still hurts. haha.

SAMPALOC LAKE Nice and pretty. Real pretty. I shouted at some guys 'cox they SUCKED.

Thanks, John Stone. I'm not forgetting this.

I'm going to post pics on my multiply. LAB LAB.

Night, I'm hella sleepy na.

Friday, October 5

Wow. I'm just so in the mood today that's why I'm going to blog about this.

One thing I haven't blogged about as much. MY PARENTS.

Mom: She's so ├╝ber HYPER and that's one thing I loveee about her. She's so full of life. She is insane though, like me. lol. And I love the small things she does 'coz she's not working anymore so she's driving us to school everyday and buys the stuff we need. So I am grateful for that. Plus we always talk. I can't keep secrets from her. haha. I love my mom.

Dad: Superr corny. But he just tries to make an effort of making us smile. And before, I would often get mad at him. As in superrr. Almost all the time. But then, he changed and I matured.(i guess) And he's really caring. That's why I love my dad.

Aww. I love them. And I'm lucky to have them.


things i hate.

I do hate pork. As in. At first, it was just kind of a health diet thingy, tapos I didn't get to like it na. haha.

DURIAN! it's so SMELLY. grr. Makes me super pissed if my parents have them, so it's like, real smelly sa house.

Not that I know of. haha.

Liars, stupid people, copycats, whores, sluts, FLIRTS, desperate people.

Rejection. Yeah, that totally sucks.

TV shows/ movies:
corny telenovelas. I mean, gross. Who'd have so much DRAMA in their life?

OPM bands who think they're emo and they're all that when they're not. STUPID.

Household chore:
Laundry, man. And all of them. I hate all of them. haha.

Thing/s Around the World:
People who don't think. People who discriminate. They don't have the right.

Thing/s About Myself:
I do curse. That sucks. And I'm sooooo not upfront and everything.

I'm really lazy. So I'm not tagging anybody.

Thursday, October 4

what's the hurry, huh?

I guess I can call it a day today. I'm kinda stressed out. But, I guess I'm fine.

I guess I'm kinda finished with the love life thingy. It isn't working for me, you know? haha. I can only keep up with crushes and not-so-serious stuff 'coz I really want a serious one. I don't want some stupid puppy love fling where you LIE to your partners. That's not healthy, you know? How do you expect to trust a person when he's a liar? Oh well. That's life. I still remain happy about the decisions I made and I have no regrets. Regrets just suck the lessons to be learned.

I was in deep thought while with Hanna awhile ago and a memory just whizzed by. I wasn't as happy as this. I know I'm wishing I'm in love but I am happy right now. I don't think I need to rush, nor get ahead. Time will come. He'll come without me expecting him. I don't want to be desperate. That's the LAST thing I'd want to be.

Besides, I'm 15 years young. What's the hurry, right?

Wednesday, October 3

new layout.

I am currently loving my layout. I just love the lollipops. haha.

Booo. I haven't quite updated this thingy so I'll make bawi. We had our exposure trip(Biochem) last Friiidaaayyy. And it was so fun. I enjoyed. We visited the ever so cool Science Centrum which is probably the most interesting and the best of all the stops. We visited PAGASA and PHIVOLCS(boring) and the shoe museum. Imelda's collection of shoes are so HEAVENLY. I am serious. I felt like I was in shoe heaven.

After the trip, we stopped by Starbucks and ate. Then we watched Augustinian Idol. I'm not commenting on this. haha.

I have a headache yet again and it's a good thing I'm not doing that stupid portfolio.
love you all.

plain stupidity.

I just realized that my blog posts haven't been all that positive, I guess. It's just that I need some pampering because I am hella stressed. Plus this issue with ahmm, I guess I shouldn't say. It is a personal issue that I'm not actually dealing with. But I guess I'm involved. haha.

So anyway, that so called "thing" has just pissed me off. Just shows plain stupidity and I wish that if I'd close my eyes, it would go away. I feel so bad for my friend. aww.

This totally sucks. I'm changing my layout by the way. yeabaaa.