Monday, October 22

always tired.

Yeah, I am. I'm always tired. Our competition in Baguio is nearing and so we have to do extra time for our practices for the Talent Variety Show(TVS) and the Hiphop dancing. Hiphop is seriously wacko but I can deal with it.

I LOVE OUR TALENT VARIETY THINGY! It is so freakin funnn. haha. I get to be the stupid contestant on Eat Bulaga's "Itaktak Mo" segment. Dialogue will be:

CJ(host): Anong pangalan mo ate?
CJ: Bakit ka tataktak?
Me: PARA PO SA PAMILYA KO!(at boyfrend na koreano. NGEK. la ko nun.)

Itaktak mo. haha.

I so freaking loooove it. CMLI is so near na. haha. Yeaaaa, we can do it! GO AUGUSTINIANS! ROCK ON!