Wednesday, October 3

new layout.

I am currently loving my layout. I just love the lollipops. haha.

Booo. I haven't quite updated this thingy so I'll make bawi. We had our exposure trip(Biochem) last Friiidaaayyy. And it was so fun. I enjoyed. We visited the ever so cool Science Centrum which is probably the most interesting and the best of all the stops. We visited PAGASA and PHIVOLCS(boring) and the shoe museum. Imelda's collection of shoes are so HEAVENLY. I am serious. I felt like I was in shoe heaven.

After the trip, we stopped by Starbucks and ate. Then we watched Augustinian Idol. I'm not commenting on this. haha.

I have a headache yet again and it's a good thing I'm not doing that stupid portfolio.
love you all.