Thursday, May 29


I'm so worried about college. It's only a year away. And I know that I should relax and take it as it goes, but I can't stay put. One thing is for sure, though. I know my possible courses already. So here goes, I'd like to take up Journalism since I love to write. But then again, I'd love to take up Psychology (thanks to Sir Edmon for telling me the possible job opportunities.) I think I'm taking Law after this.

Oh well, that's all. Just wanted to update my dear blog on my life now. HAHA.


Friday, May 23

i'm baaack.

REJOICE! Our stupid internet connection is working and damn good, I tell you. I'm soooo happy. SO now, I can post endlessly in this blog without stupid things. HAHA. I'm just so overjoyed with this and the results of AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 7. DAVID COOK WON! He is soooo soooo good. And he is soooo sooo soooo HOOOOT.

Here's some of his pics. :


Wednesday, May 21

busy summer.

I swear. I've had such a busy summer. It's like I never am home. I'm always at the review center or school or the mall. I don't know what happened with my parents but they're allowing me to go out more often now! Freedom! Well, not quite. Something funny's going on with them. My mom's all cool about me going out. My dad, NOT SO. He's so paranoid. It makes me laugh.

So last Friday, I was at Taft to take up the make up review thingy. And my wonderful eyes got candy goood. Oh well it was fun. I haven't uploaded pics yet. Waittt for updates.

out. ♥