Saturday, June 30


I finally got the haircut. I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT. It's new to me. And I really love the cut. I wanted the change and I took the risk. I am so proud of myself. Whoop te dooo. As the stylist was cutting my hair, I was getting second thoughts on what my hair would look like. Then again, WEE! Turned out great and now, I'm getting all giddy about my cut. To tell you the truth, my dad was looking for me in the mall.[He didn't see my cut yet.] And his eyes were bulging out because he almost didn't recognize me. AND, my classmate[sino ka kaya?], hindi mo ko nakilala kanina noh?[Hindi si Paula toh] Yipee. This is so nice. Hardy har. I'm overjoyed.

Anyway, I'll be signing out 'coz my sis is using.

hugs and kisses.

P.S. Here's the pic.

the Rescue

Finished the Rescue today. It was nice. And as usual, it brought me to tears again. Gosh.

Today's the auditions for the Augustinian Idol which I said that I'm not going to since I haven't filled up the form and I have no full body and close up pics because I really don't want to join.

I wants to have a new haircut. Seriously. I'm searching for a hairstyle that would fit me and I want something that's different. UNIQUE.

We're going to the mall today and I am so picking out a new hairstyle. haha. I WANT TO. wahaha.

that's all for now.

Friday, June 29

the lies of fairytales. ö

The lies of Cinderella:

1. There is no Prince Charming.I swear. There is no perfect guy.
2. There is no fairy Godmother.There'll be no wishes and dreams that'll come true using her.

The lies of Snow White:

1. There'll never be a prince who'll take you away on his shiny steed and live happily ever after.

I could enumerate all of them, but to sum it all up, THERE IS NO PERFECT GUY OR A PRINCE CHARMING OR A KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR.

They have flaws, too.


I can't help this.

I hate them. I mean, people who talk endlessly. As if the topics are interesting. Oh cmon. It'll be a miracle if I listen to your oh-so-boring topic. I hate them.

I am not in a good mood today as you have noticed. I mean, who would be? I hate this fcuking day and all the days last year. From the moment I met him in *******, to the moment that he announced his departure towards another country. He crushed my heart like hell. And now, I'm cussing like there's no end.

I admit that I am hurt. So hurt that if my heart were dry, it would bleed again just because of the pain. I don't think he knows I'm falling for him. He was just an illusion. The game of my mind. The picture of my heart. He's just HIM. I just can't explain. I know this hurts, I try not to cry because I never had a chance from the start did I? NOPE. I was a fool to believe he'd like me.

This is everything that I dreaded and now it's happening. I can't do anything about it because I'm stupid.


Can I say it?

My sister is such a biatch. hmmp. Just for now anyway. I'm mad at her again because she's hogging the computer and constantly yelling.

Anyway, back to the things that do matter. Today, we had the first club meeting. I went to Herald first and then to Biochem. I have three clubs at present. It's fun. Haha. When we were electing officers for the club officers, it was so hot in the science lab because there were a lot of people. Good and bad news are present here. No offense but I personally think that they should have given the higher positions to the 2nd year and the 3rd year students. I mean, 1st year? But that's none of my business now.

I am on Teentalk right now and I just noticed HE was online last Tuesday and he didn't even bother to answer my e-mail. I hate myself. Why did I think I had a chance? But now, I want to bury him. And to think, I was falling for him. I hate myself. And indeed as my Multiply stated,"" he's making my heart bleed. He ripped, tore and made it bleed. That's just how life is. And I am hurt now. I'm just not trying to show the pain.


Thursday, June 28

loads to do. so little time.

So true. I hate this day. We got loads to do in school and at home. Gosh. Homeworks and projects are killing me. Today, there was lots to dicuss and we even had a graded recitation in TLE. Thankfully, I answered it correctly even though it was about the effin' electric components that I don't have a fcuking clue about. And we have to make an autobiography which is okay, since there's no limitation to sentences. Yey. Although I have to think of a way to liven it up.

I'm now currently reading "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks again. Can't help it if his novels make me cry buckets of tears. If it was vacation time, I wouldn't put down that book. But since it's not and we have loads of projects coming up, I can just read it occasionally. Grr. I lent Arnold and Kathleen "The Guardian" and "Nights in Rodanthe". I think they'll love it. I love it. Haha. Roan will lend me "Prep", right? Haha.

One assignment in TLE is that fcuking resistor thingy. I swear. It's just a repeat of last year and it was better last year because it was in two's. But I finished it and the only thing I haven't finished is the excerpt from the novel,"Mga Ibong Mandaraggit". Which is fine. considering I'll be staying up late because I'm not really tired. I'm alive and I don't have signs of becoming lethargic now. Hardy har.

I am so not auditioning for the A.I. One registration form down the drain. Haha. I swear. It just doesn't feel right. Haha.

I loved Ate Krish's quote. "I'm not the girl next door. I'm the bitch down the street." That's so describes me. That's why we had codenames.[Rubio,Boan]

j9's:bitch down the street
boan's:slut clinging on the pole[yebah. haha.]
rubi's:trash down the garbage.[waha.]

I had so much fun. Anyway, gots to go. I have homework to be done.
By the way, I finished the Filipino thingy while my dad was doing something in the PC. yey.

6 weird things about me.['coz i'm weird.]

Directions: Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Six Weird Things About Me:
1. I take pics in the bathroom.[parang 15 things toh ah.]
2. I love looking at my eyebrows and make them go up and down.
3. When I was young, I interviewed myself.[just in case I'll be a star. hah.]
4. I was called "Jackie Chan" when I was in Grade 3 because I loved punching people when they annoy me.
5. I used to have crushes on people shorter than me.[oiiii. dati pa yun.]
6. Most of all, I love going up to our roof just to eat.[hah. walang makakakita.]


Wednesday, June 27

What a day.

I had so much fun today even though it was the checking of papers. I had acceptable scores anyway. And we just laughed all day. I got the watch I ordered from anagon collection. Loved it.

We had a meeting for the Himnayon and it turns out it'll be regular. I'll be coming home late on Mondays and Wednesdays. So after the meeting, I was with Arnold and Kuya Makoy and Ate Krissy and Ate Ion. Wow. There was joke time and the like. haha.

JOKE ni Kuya Makoy:

Sino ang nagsabi ng:

Hindi lahat ng tooth ay maputi.

Sagot: BLUETOOTH![ngek.ngek. but in fairness, we laughed.]

JOKE ni Ate Krissy:

Mumu: Awoooooooo.....

Bata: Wag poh. Natatakot na poh akoooo....

Mumu: OK.

Ang lakas ata ng tawa namin dyan. HAHA. That's all.

Wahaha. I'm looking forward to Monday again. :]]

Tuesday, June 26

one rainy day....

Our unit tests are over. I was exhausted with Geom because it was so mind-boggling. Grrr. Anyway, when it was dismissal time and it was time for "gala". We got out of the school only to find out that tricycles were not passing by Pacita Complex. Then the rain started to pour. Gosh. It rained cats and dogs. When we finally got a trike, it was only Anj, Danica and I. We were driving through the streets of Chrysanthemum and it was flooding. We were so wet. And we got stuck in the flood but good thing, 2 people or was it only one helped us. But the experience was so fun. Danica kept on laughing and that was fun too. We arrived at the complex and waited for Boan and Zette. We stayed in Shakey's and ordered Mojos. Yummm.

We got to the FX and we were with the girls from Simon[2nd year]. We arrived there and watched Fantastic Four. Ngekkk. Chris Evans is HOT, that's all. Then we took lots of pictures and that was our gala.

I loved that. Let's do it again!♥

Monday, June 25

currently addicted...�

The Guardian.

I am ever so pleased that I read Nicholas Sparks novel "The Guardian". I loved every chapter of it. It was romantic yet thrilling at the same time. And to think, Nocholas Sparks has never written that kind of novel before. A romantic thriller. I loved it. It was my distraction the whole day and I want to read more Nicholas Sparks novels. I have two novels by Nicholas Sparks waiting. "Nights at Rodanthe" and "The Rescue". I want to buy more of his novels anyway since I've only read three so far.[A Bend in The Road, The Wedding and The Guardian] So as of now, my favorite author is you guessed it. Hardy har.

Like in the novel, I wish I would have a guardian like Jim was.[her husband who died.]

Will I find my guardian?

15 things you never knew about me.

15 things you never knew about belle.
RULES:Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.
1. I love taking pics in the bathroom.[ASK WHY? I love the background? haha.]
2. I scribble on my hand almost EVERYDAY.
3. I hate people who post "pink and black" as their favorite color when you can sense it's not.
4. I wear my ring everyday.[I don't take it off. Fear of losing it.]
5. I go ga-ga over guys even if I don't know them.[really. I spot a handsome guy. GA-GA! then *poof! It's gone.]
6. I cry at night just because I feel like it.
7. I love eating anything.[wait. did you know that already?]
8. I am a light sleeper.[you move a bit, I wake up.]
9. But once I wake up, I can go back to sleep instantly.
10. I get headaches occasionally. [although there's a person who knows this na.]
11. I put on the "taray factor" when:
•I'm PMS-ing.
•I am irritated or annoyed.
•I just simply like it.
12. I love Japanes music.[you do know that.]
13. I dance when I review.[especially last night. Wow. To the beat of A.RA.s.Hi.]
14. I hate people who act like they're stupid.[like Anna Nicole Smith. Grr.]
15. And most of all, I get scared because I easily get hurt.
That's all you need to know. And well, the others? Have to figure it out.
my sis.
[Ang di gumawa? Panget!♥]


I am now getting psychotic. First of all, it is exam day today and tomorrow. And guess what? I'M ONLINE! hardy har. I haven't evn studied for the second day yet. Except for chem. I'm supposed to study Geom 'coz I suck at it but... I'm really lazy.

So what happened awhile ago? Hmm. The usual. Since it was exam day, everyone was out reading their books, notebooks and reviewers. It's noisy too because we juniors are involved in group discussions. I got assigned to seat near the windows. My seatmate was Mikki.[OXFORD!♥] And so on.

The most boring part of the exam? After you finish answering and there's still time left. You don't know what to do because you aren't allowed to speak to anyone. So after that boring MAPEH and ENGLISH exams, I got out my ballpen and wrote at the back of the case of my colored pencils. I had nothing better to do.

After the exams, we got out a bit late and my classmates were asking where the hell we'll be taking our feet tomorrow after exams. Everybody agreed to the mall.[I think. Considering we were only 4]. But I am glad to say, my dear classmates that after a discussion with my mom, I CAN GO! But only up to 4. That's the curfew now since it's a schoolday. Grr. I am happy that she approved.

I'll be back to post the 15 things you never knew about me and my paperheart post.

Sunday, June 24

pahabol lang.

About to sleep. joke.

I haven't watched TV in three days. lol. I am so weird. I just dropped by 'coz I missed my dear blog.



I just remembered that I am still bored so I went online again even if I'm not supposed to. But hell, I am so bored that I just want to go to school now and get on with the exams. hardy har. My mom and dad are still not here yet and now I'm wishing that I should have gone with them. Grrr.

Yun lang naman. hardy har.


Nothing better to do but this...

And this... wee.

Oh yeah..... this too.[pics of csa from boan.]

pretty? well...har har.

belle's out.


I am so bored right now. But you know,I'm supposed to be studying. Hardy har. I'm just boooooorrreeeedddd to death. Grr.
My parents and Anton went out to Festi. Even if it's Festi,they still went to the mall! HUHU. hmm...
I wonder what I'll do.

Anyway,I just dropped by and I'll be dropping by more often 'coz I dig this layout,BABY!♥



in love.infatuated.falling.

I think I am in love. No. Infatuated. Nope. FALLING? I read Ate Jess' stories in my laptop. Well yeah,they're some real tear-jerkers but then after reading them,the tears wouldn't stop falling. I don't know why but it just drip-dropped[correct term?] Whatever. I slept at around 12 am last morning?or night? Whatever. Then I woke up every hour because my stomach ached. Grr. So basically, I did not get an awesome sleep at all. Plus, I'm supposed to study today. We have the unit tests coming up and well... I only have a subject left which is English. I figured I'll do it later when I've calmed down and can concentrate again. But ever since I sent that e-mail to him,I feel restless. I DO. I don't know what to do, how to act, what to say. Gawd. I can't be in love,can I? Because once he steps here again in the Philippines and I'm in love with him, I will be speechless. I am so stupid. Why did I send that e-mail in the first place but best friend was right. I should tell him my feelings of ADMIRATION[am I only admiring?] Gosh. I don't know. The distance never bothers me. The rejection that is yet to come? Well,that terrifies me. But I'll be ready to accept it no matter what. I know I just have to be contented with the fact that he may never like me EVER. But I tried. So there's still hope, I think.[You think?] I just want to see him and tell him I've been waiting for him for so long that I don't know if it'll kill me.
I hope and pray that it'll be US someday. It's a dream.
Can you be mine?

Saturday, June 16

I'm sad.

He's slowly slipping away. I always thought that I could find a good guy for me. I found him alright. Yet, I'm not good enough. When will I ever be good enough for him? When I'm dead? I think I'm slowly falling and he's not there to catch me. He'll never be.

Thursday, June 14

I may be...

I may be the most insane and psychotic person right now. Considering the events in the last few days, I still consider myself a psychotic over-the-board type of person. There are times that I dread to open my mail,just because I feel there's the word REJECTION there. I am so stupid because I never seemed to mind what I'll feel if I do get that dreaded e-mail from him. But nonetheless,WHAT'S DONE IS DONE. There's nothing that can change that. All I can hope is that he treats that as a kind of joke or he doesn't receive it. Whichever way, I hope I don't get HURT. I hate getting hurt.

This may seem ever so weird to people but he makes me HAPPY and I'm so at ease to talk to him or better term is,CHAT. I totally lose it when he puts up his display picture and I get lost in his eyes. Those small,chinky,brown eyes. The hair that makes him look like a Korean matinee idol. The smile that makes my insides melt. Every little part of him, every word he types, every SMS he texts, makes me like him a little more. HE is older than me by four years yet it seems like AGE is nothing but a number to me. Distance no longer anything but a couple of numerals combined to make a whole number. He's so hard to reach yet I find myself reaching out to him no matter how far, how wide or how long the journey might take.