Friday, June 29

Can I say it?

My sister is such a biatch. hmmp. Just for now anyway. I'm mad at her again because she's hogging the computer and constantly yelling.

Anyway, back to the things that do matter. Today, we had the first club meeting. I went to Herald first and then to Biochem. I have three clubs at present. It's fun. Haha. When we were electing officers for the club officers, it was so hot in the science lab because there were a lot of people. Good and bad news are present here. No offense but I personally think that they should have given the higher positions to the 2nd year and the 3rd year students. I mean, 1st year? But that's none of my business now.

I am on Teentalk right now and I just noticed HE was online last Tuesday and he didn't even bother to answer my e-mail. I hate myself. Why did I think I had a chance? But now, I want to bury him. And to think, I was falling for him. I hate myself. And indeed as my Multiply stated,"" he's making my heart bleed. He ripped, tore and made it bleed. That's just how life is. And I am hurt now. I'm just not trying to show the pain.


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