Saturday, June 30


I finally got the haircut. I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE IT. It's new to me. And I really love the cut. I wanted the change and I took the risk. I am so proud of myself. Whoop te dooo. As the stylist was cutting my hair, I was getting second thoughts on what my hair would look like. Then again, WEE! Turned out great and now, I'm getting all giddy about my cut. To tell you the truth, my dad was looking for me in the mall.[He didn't see my cut yet.] And his eyes were bulging out because he almost didn't recognize me. AND, my classmate[sino ka kaya?], hindi mo ko nakilala kanina noh?[Hindi si Paula toh] Yipee. This is so nice. Hardy har. I'm overjoyed.

Anyway, I'll be signing out 'coz my sis is using.

hugs and kisses.

P.S. Here's the pic.

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