Friday, July 23

another letter to myself

Dear Me,

Here we go again. You're confused. You feel like it's the right thing to do. Waiting is not the answer. Move on, get a life and have fun with friends. Stop thinking you're not of value. You are. A lot of people love you and appreciate you and you shouldn't limit yourself to depending on what he thinks. He's not the only person in your life. Stop feeling inferior or ugly. People say otherwise. You should find someone who is worthy of your love and appreciates who you are. You will end up hurting yourself even more if you keep this up.

Also, stop being jealous of her. You're not in a position to be and you know that quite well. Stop thinking about it all the time. It just gives you headaches and awful chest pains that you don't know why the hell it's happening. Relax and love life, please. You really need to.

Your concerned self

P.S. Continue eating and stop the constant dieting. You're not fat, okay?

Wednesday, July 21

in a sea of clouds

I sometimes wonder what it would be like
To worry about nothing
And rest my head on clouds
Not minding a single thing

It would be probably put some life into me
Cheer me up in a unique approach
Water my thirst for rest
Because I am tired.

But if staying in the sea of clouds
meant leaving you and losing our connection
I'd rather stay tired
than forever lose everything with you.

Then again, maybe I'm tired.

Tuesday, July 20

no place

this is not the first time
i am getting buried again
funny, i care now
but i still don't do anything.

i try to penetrate your bubble
with things you love
you don't mind
because you don't know.

you don't know
because i have no place
i have no place
in a life you call yours.

For you, because you continue to ignore me. And maybe this time, it hurts.

Thursday, July 15

because i've lost the ability to play with words tonight

And just because I miss you and I know that you'll love me forever because I know a person who never will. This is my consolation. :)

Sunday, July 11

Smile on my face

It's been a while since I saw a smile on my face.
I'm not losing anything.
The desire burns inside me still.
I'm sorry if you don't like it.

I will continue to nurse the feelings I have for you.
I will because I still can.
In my mind and my heart,
I know I still love all of you.

And because you're worth it, I won't give you up just yet.

Thursday, July 1

I Thought You Said Summer Is Going To Take the Pain Away

*credits to Hello Saferide

The love I felt/feel for you is the most wonderful thing that I ever experienced.