Tuesday, September 25


The day was as stressful as it could be and I'm still stressed up to now. I have got a lot of things to do and I don't even know where to start. I didn't train, I did the thingy for my portfolio and the like. But I forgot to buy that stupid copper wire for TLE. So anyway, I was about to cry 'coz that's our practical exam when I got the stupid idea to go down and buy. It was almost freaking 8.00 pm. SO my mom with a pissed look, drove me to the nearest hardware shop[thanks DIY!]. And she was freaking fast. WOW. haha. I finally bought that stupid wire and we went home. I just realized now that I am SOOOOO spoiled.

Spoiled in a way that the things I need, I need it now. I guess that's one bad trait.

Monday, September 24


This is why I hate insecure people. Now you may not know, but I do absolutely hate insecure people. They suck the fun out of everything. They feel like they're all that and more. And people who're not them? They make them feel worthless. I feel sorry for those insecure people. They don't have nothing good to do in life.

WOW. I rock. haha.

Monday, September 17

i wanted everything.

I'm changing my font 'coz this is the font that I use in Teentalk.

So you guessing why that's my title? Well, I still do want everything. I want to be a better daughter, a better friend and a better lover. lol. I'm kidding. haha. As of now, I'm still unlucky in love and I don't hate it but I'm starting not to love it either. Remember my post when I got so jealous of lovers? Well, I still am. It's different to have someone care about you so much that sometimes, it hurts. I want someone to finally hold my hand, hug me when I feel scared and take care of me when I'm sick.

So all yah people who know me, know that I hate messages like this, "kumain ka na ba? Kain ka na. masama magpalipas ng gutom." I still hate that. But I guess if you love the person, you wouldn't mind at all. I wouldn't. I guess the search is on again. Except I won't be the one searching now. They should be. I'm tired.

I still LOVE being single. But it'd be BETTER if I had someone to call MINE.

Friday, September 14

a year older. but not wiser.

it is almost my birthday. yey. I'm turning 15 and I don't feel like 15. I'm childish and immature. So that's why. I still remember my 13th birthday. I was hella excited then because I was to be called a teen for the first time which was somewhat exciting at that point. I also remember my 14th birthday which was cool because. well. secret. But, now, it's gonna be the best birthday ever. haha.

Anyway, I saw hot cadet awhile ago. but i stil didn't talk to him. what the. I know. For a girl, I'm so effin torpe. Nakakainis. If I could talk to him. Blahhh. Any tips? He's a senior by the way.

6 days till my birthday. Ü

Saturday, September 8


my latest addictions.

It's official. I am addicted to the number 5. You see, I love the bands The Click Five and Maroon 5. Love. haha. Okay, okay. So I love their vocalists. Anyway, I'm posting pics so you could all see the hotness of these bands.
HOT RIGHT? haha.

Aww. I miss this section. I really do. They made me laugh and cry. We all learned what a corpuscle is and we all had prowess in different aspects. We had a strange affinity to cards. err pusoy dos. lol. We were tenacious at some point. aww. I miss them. Anyway, here's a video of the pics we took in sophomore year. haha. Miss them. Miss you guys.

Ciao. haha.

Sunday, September 2

love the drama.

Joey's article:

“Una, pwede bang magharap kayo sa akin ng tao na nagpa-transplant ng puso na nagtagal ang buhay?! Pwede talaga, pero pwede bang magtagal?

“Pangalawa, lalo na sa panahon ngayon, ang daling magpalit ng pamilya ng mga tao. ‘Yung iba nga may pamilya dito, may pamilya duon eh. Sa showbiz na lang—ilan sa inyo at sa atin ang nagpalit na ng pamilya?

“Sa totoo lang, ito ang mas tumpak—ang puso natin ay mahirap palitan, pero ang pamilya pwede—at pwede pang dagdagan.

At eto pa ang isang dumadagundong na katotohanan—pwede tayong mabuhay nang walang pamilya, pero hindi tayo pwedeng mabuhay ng walang puso.[my point, Kathleen]

“Alam nyo, may art din yung pagsundot at patama. But naturally, all these are ‘tuksuhan lang.’ Tayong lahat ay may mga pinagsamahan. Magkikita at maaring magkasama rin tayo balang araw. Kaya, walang pikunan. Paliwanagan lang. Biruan lang. Teasing is not bad. Cheating is… on TV!”

First of all, I don't know if I'm supposed to be blogging about this. I'm 14 and I may not know a lot of things but I have to have a say in this.

I am one of the few people who do NOT watch noontime shows. I find them boring and I could do away with something else. But the controversy with that Wilyonaryo thing just pisses me off. How can you say that it was a mechanical glitch? Whichever way you look at it, it isn't. Stupid, if you ask me.

Willie shouldn't have reacted to Joey's article. After all, no name was mentioned, right? HOw can you react when it isn't even about you? Another stupid thing. But then again, it's different for everyone. I don't want to be the be all and end all of it.


Finished na ang Intrams. Boo. I didn't even enjoy it. I was feeling hella feverish for the past few days and I'm still coughing my lungs off. Anyway, I want to share this video since it's really cool and I'm in it. Okay, okay. I'm just part of the background, but whatever. Starring: Renin, Mark, Bori and all the people in the background.

I'm putting the link since it takes omega time to download it.



Hell. You read right. I'm undergoing training for the CAT this Friday. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I mean, I am kikay. So I may complain. But I want to try something new. It'll be a big change. I can do it. (",)

Ciao. We have to be going to a party. I'mma see my crush. Woot!Ü

i'm over it and HIM.

I am officially over him. I'm tired of waiting, of sacrificing myself for nothing. He was a dream I thought I could reach. But I was wrong. Yeah. I was so wrong.

I can't wait for him forever. I just can't.