Monday, September 17

i wanted everything.

I'm changing my font 'coz this is the font that I use in Teentalk.

So you guessing why that's my title? Well, I still do want everything. I want to be a better daughter, a better friend and a better lover. lol. I'm kidding. haha. As of now, I'm still unlucky in love and I don't hate it but I'm starting not to love it either. Remember my post when I got so jealous of lovers? Well, I still am. It's different to have someone care about you so much that sometimes, it hurts. I want someone to finally hold my hand, hug me when I feel scared and take care of me when I'm sick.

So all yah people who know me, know that I hate messages like this, "kumain ka na ba? Kain ka na. masama magpalipas ng gutom." I still hate that. But I guess if you love the person, you wouldn't mind at all. I wouldn't. I guess the search is on again. Except I won't be the one searching now. They should be. I'm tired.

I still LOVE being single. But it'd be BETTER if I had someone to call MINE.