Wednesday, July 30

SENIORS never do breathe.

Hello busy days. Goodbye happy days. This week has been like hell on earth. Seniors are already pressured because of the UPCAT and to top it off, there has been endless homework and things to do. I don't know why, but teachers think that they train us by giving us those homework. Uh, earth to them. If they do understand, why can't they understand the pressure we're already carrying? Isn't it such a burden? I believe teachers should hear our side, too.

Seriously speaking, I haven't reviewed for any entrance exams YET. I do want to because I suck at anything that does not have reading comprehension, basically ENGLISH. I can feel the pressure and I feel like it wants to tear my head off. The burden and work is just eating my brain and soon enough, there won't be any brain cells to eat. My parents aren't that big of a problem since they are the supportive kind. The go-to-whatever-school-you-want-as-long-as-you-go-to-college kind of parents. I'm so lucky that I have them. However, peers and certain people do hinder my optimism on the UPCAT. I know I shouldn't be swayed by their endless chatter and intimidating words about the test but I seriously can't help it.

The reasons why I would like to pass the UPCAT is because:
1. More expenses on me. (clothes, things and gadgets) because of the low tuition fee.
2. It is the best school there considering my course.
3. I could learn to be independent.
Okay. I admit the laptop is included or not.

One more why and wherefore seniors never breathe is the projects. Uh, hello to Integrated, Investigatory and Research!

You need to pass the final draft on Friday.

Okay, where's your script? I need to see it.

Okay, class. You should pass your research topic blaaah blaaah blaaah.

Okay seniors kasi. Time management is the real problem here, according to them. How can you manage time when there is no time to manage, huh? The way teachers continuously bombard us with numerous homework and quizzes when they are perfectly aware of the pressure and the tests we need to take.

Although I try so hard to understand the teachers' perspective on this, I still can't. So I'll stop trying.

Goodluck on our 4th year journey seniors. May we live harmoniously and happy.

Monday, July 28

Traveling. :)

Traveling is common for my family. I mean, we have this annual family vacation when I suppose, they go all out on expenses because those were really great places. We've been having this yearly vacation since 2004. It all started when my ever-so-loving-who-never-comes-to-visit Tito Raul finally came to visit with his wife, Tita Celia. We went to Puerto Galera. And by the way, that Coco Beach resort is a big no-no. NO AC! My gosh, that sucked. Oh well, back to my point.

This year's vacation was in Ilocos Norte. And we went there two times. OMG. We stayed at Fort Ilocandia and t'was fun. They had a beautiful beach, an exquisite room and a nice sunset view. Harhar.

Me & Nikka at the beach.

So far this year, I have been to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. As I was telling Mama, jetsetter na kami. We've gone to Fort Ilocandia in Ilocos Norte, been to Sampaguita Gardens Resort in Kalibo Aklan, and lastly, to Dakak Park Beach Resort in Dapitan, Zamboanga del Norte. Wow Philippines! I am glad though that we didn't go out of the country to experience the wonderful places we've been to. The Philippines is waaaay better. Let's support Philippine tourism!

Dapitan. (Dakak) Kalibo, Aklan

Friday, July 25


ROSETTAAA IS NEAAAR. Aug. 1 na. Raaar. By the way, I forgot to blog about our trip to Divi. Haha. SO fuuun. All expenses paid c/o MR. EDMON R. SEMA√ĎA! AAAH! Thanks sir. Lugged around Divisoria with heaps of cloth. It was fun, though. ULITIN NATIN! haha.

Nuod kayoooo Rosetta Augustinians!

AAAH! So excited. Haha. :) See you guys there!

Saturday, July 19


Rosetta is drawing neaaaar. It's on August 1. We have one more dance to finish and all we have to do is to master the dances! A big yey. I hope this'll be a good production. Naaliw ako sa "snow" kanina. HAHAHA. yey. So fuuun. I ♥ Kruhay.

Gala ulit sa Jabee with Ikay and Nat. Talked about Tsimay and Imbentor. HAHAHAHA. limousine pala ah. Hahaha. It was fun. AGAAAAIN!

Ikay. Nuod tayo TEETH. hahahaha. :)

Divi tomorrow with Ikay, Kat, Kath, Sir, Markee, Bob, Pat and Joshua. :)
Early na naman tomorrow.

Advanced happy birthday to my lolo. :) There's a lunch tomorrow. Wanna come? BLEH. hahaha.

Wednesday, July 16


Happy birthday Bryan James M. Santos, Camille Joyce O. Cruzada & Danica Mariel S. Mendoza. :) ♥ you all. :)

Tuesday, July 15

Mamma Mia the Movie

Soooo fuuuun. The movie was quite entertaining, only it is not for the majority of the people. The screen adaptation of Mamma Mia is for the affluent people and yes, I believe I belong there. It was fun to watch, and I absolutely adored the songs. I♥ABBA so maybe that's why the movie entertained me. But, piece of advice, you might want to cover your ears when Pierce Brosnan sings. He's not that goood. HAHAHAHA. But Meryl Streep was! And I have to hand it to her, she sings and dances well considering her age. I just ♥ her! There wasn't a dull moment in that movie. Better go watch it! :)

Favorite song was Mamma Mia. Meryl Streep looked so cute there. Go watch it now. :)

Saturday, July 12


I ♥ Kruhay. Practiced for the Rosetta production today. It was helluva tiring and I think my feet are DEAD. HAHAHA. XD We are almost finished with the dances however we still need polishing. This is on AUGUST 1. AUGUSTINIANS, please watch. :)


We made gala sa Jollibee after Kruhay practice. Echel, Nathalie, Beauty(Jenica), Pam & Igi. :) Syempre ang mahal ng pamasahe papuntang Pacita Complex. Mga 52php lang naman. HAHAHAHA. So anyway, it was soooo FUUUUNN. Talked about everything under the sun. Gaspangan to the max. HAHAHA. Batuhan ng tissue, french fry box at receipts. Kulang na lang yung sundae kong tunaw. HAHAHAHA. Loooove loooove them. Sa uulitin.


Friday, July 11

belated happy birthday.

Belated happy birthday ARNOLD DANIEL M. RUBIO. :)

Tuesday, July 8

tug my hair out.

Tugging my hair out would probably be a good idea now, but I need my hair. Arrgh. So far, these two days of the week have been stressful. Quizzes, graded recitations and continuous assignments are major hell. Plus, the Kruhay practices for the St. Rita production & the Masskara Festival. One big good luck to me.

After 4 years, I have read again the Trojan War which never ceases to amaze me. It's so cool. :)

Hurrah to Mythology. No yays to BD. HAHA. :)

Monday, July 7


It's gonna gross you out. But I've had the cough for almost three weeks now. When will it end? Phlegm in my throat, go go away!

Sunday, July 6

Love this. :)

I saw this entry in Ate Aly's Multiply site. So I did it myself.

Go to Google and type your name like this, "Janine likes to" then search. Don't forget the quotation marks.:)

Janine likes to socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends. -----coolio.

Janine likes to design websites sometimes.----half-true. :)

Janine likes to set herself aside from other agents by personalizing each transaction towards each clients special needs.--------huh?! haha.

Janine likes to think her writing is inspired by her eventful life.---nice. PERFECT.

Janine likes to play golf, cook, and family, friends and her 2 Golden Retrievers, Tahoe and Chance.---uh-oh. Nothing at all.

PETE: Janine likes to keep cash on hand.---this one was said by pete! Dreaming it's Pete Wentz. HAHA.

Janine likes to observe scenery from an airplane.---NICE. that's so trueee.

Janine likes to watch movies, to read books, and to compose songs.---ANOTHER PERFECT COMBO!

Janine likes to drink a lot. ----uh-oh. HAHA.

Janine likes to keep interraction with her members and she has a forum connected to the official site.-- OWKAAAY. The link was a porn site. X-RATED. eew.

HAHA! go try it. :)

Saturday, July 5


Two words to describe this activity. FUN & NERVE-RACKING! Okay, so we started the refresher course with some exercise which I didn't do seriously because I'm so effin tired. Then we went jogging and unfortunately, I only got to jog one lap. HAHA. Next thing, we went up to the 5th floor-rooftop to do the rapelling thingy. I was so psyched and nervous that I wanted to be the last person. So, I was getting geared up while Kevin was going down. My heart was pounding and I wanted to quit and not do it. But, as I was gearing up, I felt excited. So I put the gloves on, climbed the ledge and SCREAMED MY LUNGS OUT! DIALOGUE BEFORE JUMPING.

Sir: State your name.
Me: Sir, I am Cadette Second Lieutenant Del Rosario, JGA Sir!
Sir: Ready to jump?

And I did it! So happy. :) papacheeseburger ako. HAHA. :)

Tuesday, July 1

got to have some lovin.

The agenda on my blog today is divided into parts. I hope you do accept my rantings because I believe you don't have a CHOICE.

First, here are my scores for the First Unit Test. No Social Studies yet & English. They're not final yet.

MATH 32/40
MAPEH 46/50
TLE 41/50

Not bad e? Next agenda, how unfair BD is. It stands for bulldog. She could have made the stupid test understandable. Oh well.
Physics. I was supposed to be the highest. Then again, argh. Oh well, I can't do anything about it. Me and my pretty face.

Kudos to my group mates in Social. We did a great presentation. I was up all night writing the script so thank you, group mates for you precious cooperation!

Kruhay was tiring. We have a practice again tomorrow. I am so stressed. I can't even move good enough. No heavy assignments today. I want to rejoice.

I guess that's all. I don't want to blog about the other things. Oh and by the way, we did something in Filipino where you have a paper stuck at your back and your classmates get to write what their impression of you is. Drum roll please! I am NOISY! And pretty too. Haha. I'm serious people did write that. Flattered enough. Thank you Possidius O8-09! I love you guys.

I have to read El Fili now. I will post tomorrow!