Wednesday, July 30

SENIORS never do breathe.

Hello busy days. Goodbye happy days. This week has been like hell on earth. Seniors are already pressured because of the UPCAT and to top it off, there has been endless homework and things to do. I don't know why, but teachers think that they train us by giving us those homework. Uh, earth to them. If they do understand, why can't they understand the pressure we're already carrying? Isn't it such a burden? I believe teachers should hear our side, too.

Seriously speaking, I haven't reviewed for any entrance exams YET. I do want to because I suck at anything that does not have reading comprehension, basically ENGLISH. I can feel the pressure and I feel like it wants to tear my head off. The burden and work is just eating my brain and soon enough, there won't be any brain cells to eat. My parents aren't that big of a problem since they are the supportive kind. The go-to-whatever-school-you-want-as-long-as-you-go-to-college kind of parents. I'm so lucky that I have them. However, peers and certain people do hinder my optimism on the UPCAT. I know I shouldn't be swayed by their endless chatter and intimidating words about the test but I seriously can't help it.

The reasons why I would like to pass the UPCAT is because:
1. More expenses on me. (clothes, things and gadgets) because of the low tuition fee.
2. It is the best school there considering my course.
3. I could learn to be independent.
Okay. I admit the laptop is included or not.

One more why and wherefore seniors never breathe is the projects. Uh, hello to Integrated, Investigatory and Research!

You need to pass the final draft on Friday.

Okay, where's your script? I need to see it.

Okay, class. You should pass your research topic blaaah blaaah blaaah.

Okay seniors kasi. Time management is the real problem here, according to them. How can you manage time when there is no time to manage, huh? The way teachers continuously bombard us with numerous homework and quizzes when they are perfectly aware of the pressure and the tests we need to take.

Although I try so hard to understand the teachers' perspective on this, I still can't. So I'll stop trying.

Goodluck on our 4th year journey seniors. May we live harmoniously and happy.