Sunday, July 6

Love this. :)

I saw this entry in Ate Aly's Multiply site. So I did it myself.

Go to Google and type your name like this, "Janine likes to" then search. Don't forget the quotation marks.:)

Janine likes to socialize and will use any excuse to celebrate with friends. -----coolio.

Janine likes to design websites sometimes.----half-true. :)

Janine likes to set herself aside from other agents by personalizing each transaction towards each clients special needs.--------huh?! haha.

Janine likes to think her writing is inspired by her eventful life.---nice. PERFECT.

Janine likes to play golf, cook, and family, friends and her 2 Golden Retrievers, Tahoe and Chance.---uh-oh. Nothing at all.

PETE: Janine likes to keep cash on hand.---this one was said by pete! Dreaming it's Pete Wentz. HAHA.

Janine likes to observe scenery from an airplane.---NICE. that's so trueee.

Janine likes to watch movies, to read books, and to compose songs.---ANOTHER PERFECT COMBO!

Janine likes to drink a lot. ----uh-oh. HAHA.

Janine likes to keep interraction with her members and she has a forum connected to the official site.-- OWKAAAY. The link was a porn site. X-RATED. eew.

HAHA! go try it. :)