Saturday, July 5


Two words to describe this activity. FUN & NERVE-RACKING! Okay, so we started the refresher course with some exercise which I didn't do seriously because I'm so effin tired. Then we went jogging and unfortunately, I only got to jog one lap. HAHA. Next thing, we went up to the 5th floor-rooftop to do the rapelling thingy. I was so psyched and nervous that I wanted to be the last person. So, I was getting geared up while Kevin was going down. My heart was pounding and I wanted to quit and not do it. But, as I was gearing up, I felt excited. So I put the gloves on, climbed the ledge and SCREAMED MY LUNGS OUT! DIALOGUE BEFORE JUMPING.

Sir: State your name.
Me: Sir, I am Cadette Second Lieutenant Del Rosario, JGA Sir!
Sir: Ready to jump?

And I did it! So happy. :) papacheeseburger ako. HAHA. :)