Tuesday, July 15

Mamma Mia the Movie

Soooo fuuuun. The movie was quite entertaining, only it is not for the majority of the people. The screen adaptation of Mamma Mia is for the affluent people and yes, I believe I belong there. It was fun to watch, and I absolutely adored the songs. I♥ABBA so maybe that's why the movie entertained me. But, piece of advice, you might want to cover your ears when Pierce Brosnan sings. He's not that goood. HAHAHAHA. But Meryl Streep was! And I have to hand it to her, she sings and dances well considering her age. I just ♥ her! There wasn't a dull moment in that movie. Better go watch it! :)

Favorite song was Mamma Mia. Meryl Streep looked so cute there. Go watch it now. :)