Monday, September 28

chest pains due to...

YOU.Yes, you. I cannot elaborate this feeling. I do not only feel the emotional pain, but also the physical pain you continuously give my heart.

I miss you and I hope you do too.

Friday, September 25


The more I try, the less I succeed.
I wish I could be the one you could tell all
your secrets to.
I wish you could trust me,
I wish I could be the one you hold on to.
I wish I was the only one.

Then again, wishes are just mere grains in the beach
insignificant, not even enough
not even close to getting your attention,
not even to reaching you.
Would I-

allow myself to go through this
keep on striving for something so near
yet something I can never acquire
I can never have your love
But, I will.

I will keep on waiting
even if it stings my heart
in so many ways
Be mine
but I will never be yours.

Sunday, September 13

I can't stop.

..beating myself up with stress. Halakhak 2009 was a success. I had so much fun playing Miss United Nations. Never in my entire life would I have imagined myself in the position I was last Thursday. I was so psyched to finally get to do comedy, knowing I'm not such a humorous person. Scratch that. I can finally make people laugh, even if it isn't much. The feeling was wonderful. I missed being on the stage, looking at the people who paid for the show and most of all, the feeling that you made them laugh.

Every night that Sikat spent rehearsing was worth it. I have to admit, though, I loved being part of Kruhay but being a part of Sikat is so unique. There isn't any strict definition of theater and it's all about being able to bring the theater to the people, which is the whole point of performing. I don't know what happened, but that night, I didn't feel any nerves once I was on stage. I really felt like I was in a pageant and I was asked and Sikat took the audience's mind off their worries.

Guys watch that. It's a big thank you for all those who watched Halakhak Back to Back to Back 2009! HAPPY 6th ANNNIVERSARY SIKAT! :)