Thursday, March 26

I Love Fall Out Boy.

1. Who's the hottest FOB member?
Pete Wentz, most definitely.
2. What's the best FOB song?
That's hard. I don't have one in particular. I love them all.
3. Andy or Joe?
4. Pete or Patrick?
A Little Less Sixteen
6. Who would you kiss on the cheek first? Pete? Patrick? Andy? Joe?
7. Hug Pete and never hug Patrick or Hug Patrick and never hug Pete?
8. If you dropped your ice cream on Joe's afro, what would you tell him?
I'd say sorry. And then let him drop ice cream on my hair. HAHA. quits.
9. Which FOB member would you like to be with in a deserted island for 3 weeks?
PETE. PETE. PETE. He'll leave Ashlee for me.
10. What would you do if Pete Wentz told you "I love you." ?
Let's get married, Pete!
11. What's the first thing you'll do if FOB asks you for the time?
Hmm. Take them out to eat instead?
12. Pete in the color green or purple?
PURPLE. That would look so cute on him.
13. Andy accidentally fell on you. What would you tell him?
Why not Pete?
14. Thin Patrick or chubby Patrick?
I don't really care. He has an awesome voice either way.
15. Will you pick up the chewed gum Pete spat on the ground?
Gosh, no. I'm not that obsessed.
16. Cut Joe's hair with a pair of scissors or a knife?
17. Borrow Patrick's hat or watch?
Watch. HAHAHA. cool.
18. Would you rather be older or younger than Andy?
19. Receive Pete's bass or Andy's drumsticks?
Pete's bass. Yey. Love love Pete.
20. Fall Out Boy or all the chocolate in the world?
FALL OUT BOY, beybeh!
21. If Pete gave you a tour backstage, what would you tell him after wards?
Thanks, Pete. Want to get married? HAHAHA
22. What would you give Andy for his birthday present?
A shirt? HAHAHA
23. Play a game of Twister with FOB or Monopoly?
TWISTER. *naughty* HAHAHA I'm bad.
24. Eat pizza with FOB or cereal?
Pizza. More yummy.
25. If all the FOB members gave you their cellphone number, who would you call first?
Pete. DUH.
26. Do an eye-staring contest with Patrick or Andy?
Patrick, Andy's just weird.
27. Watch Spongebob Squarepants with Pete or Joe?
PETE. More comfortable. Yieee.
28. Play Paintball or Airsoft with Pete?
Paintball. :) FUUUN.
29. Tell Joe his cooking stinks or tell Joe that his shoes stink?
Tell him his shoes stink.
30. Fall Out Boy or Paramore?

Wednesday, March 25


I don't get how people change from being so concerned to being so insensitive in a few days. How do they do that? Do people like them have magic? Is it inborn? Whichever power or voodoo they're using, it sucks.

How could people not sense anything? How could they not feel what you're feeling for them? Do they not get some kind of tingle the way you do when you see them? Whatever their stupid reason is, it sucks.

I don't get why people could just care for a person one second, and then stop having concern for them the next. Is that how life goes? Or is it how the world is for them?

I hate people who are insensitive. Get a life.

Tuesday, March 10



"Kita kits bukas ah!" "Uy, yung project natin, wag mo kalimutan!" "May quiz bukas sa SS!"

This time, goodbye isn't just a word that we utter after dismissal. Nor is goodbye a word we say because our services are there. Goodbye is a word that is uncertain.

4 years ago, high school was a new ball game. Tricks and game plans had to be learned because I was new. I was a freshman in a new school. New things to learn, new lessons to be taught. I was like a tiny fish placed in a pool of sharks. Harsh? That's high school. Gradually over the year, I tried to master the rules of high school. It wasn't complicated at all. High school was boring, but fun at the same time!

How time flies. Now, I've mastered every rule in high school. I've seen people come and go. I've mastered every teacher in the department, experienced sleepless nights, got home late, and even learned to take public transport. I've made friends and enemies. I've had countless crushes. What more is there to learn in high school?

And in 3 months, it's back to a different ball game again. New rules, new friends, new tricks to learn. Goodbye isn't just a word that means "Don't worry, we'll see each other tomorrow." This time, goodbye is "Don't worry, we''ll see each other in a few years, or months. It really depends. Bahala na." Goodbye isn't just a word. It's an ENDING and a BEGINNING.

Thank you Colegio San Agustin BiƱan for giving me the best 4 years of my life.

GOODBYE. I will miss you.