Monday, May 31

then and now

Then, I knew what I felt for you.

Now, I don't know anything anymore.

Tuesday, May 25

my last letter to you

This will be my last letter to you. I've realized that I will never ever be good enough for you and no matter how much effort I put in, you will never like me. I'm not sorry that I felt something for you, because I believe that in some way, you changed me for the better. You taught me to love myself even more because not everyone will give me the love and attention that I will crave for and deserve. Thank you for giving me roughly 10 months of pain, joy and unrequited love. Thank you for being there when I didn't need you. Thank you for not replying to my text messages and only attempting to text me when I was so close to forgetting you. Thank you for coming at the wrong time. Thank you for giving me false hope that I almost always depended on. Thank you for making me look stupid in I-can't-count-anymore-because-it's-too-many times. Thanks for letting me depend on your opinions, when I shouldn't have. Thanks for the stories you told me. Thanks for sometimes sharing your life with me, even though I know you think I'm not worthy to hear it. Thanks for using me to continuously build your confidence, while I get left with none. Thank you for everything you wanted and everything I didn't get.

Sorry that I wasn't good enough for you. Sorry that I could never match up to the girls you wanted. Sorry that I'm stupid at times. I'm sorry that I make no sense at all because that's what I am when I'm with you. Sorry for being ugly or fat. Sorry for having fat legs or too many pimples or scars or anything that you don't like about me.

I wanted your love, but I don't anymore. I don't want to be stuck with a person who wouldn't appreciate me.

This is who I am. And I'm getting over you. FINALLY.

Thursday, May 20

One Night

One night.
I put everything in my hands.
It was heavy and I didn't want to carry it while I walked.
And suddenly, I couldn't hold it any longer.

You slipped from my hands
and I felt the cold space where you once were.
And you were moving fast.
I tried to catch you...

And then you vanished.

Sunday, May 9

my thoughts on the upcoming Philippine Elections 2010

Something to think about for this day.
Yesterday was the last official day for campaigns. It is now time for the people to decide who is the best for the jobs, may it be your local government officials or your senators. The most crucial people probably would have to decide on is their Presidential candidate. It is vital because anyone who will sit in the highest position in the country can make or break our country.

I call upon the voters who will exercise their right to vote for who they BELIEVE is COMPETENT, an EXCELLENT track record and has very GOOD morals. Vote for someone who you know has proven himself worthy of the presidency. Vote for someone who has done something, continues to do something and will DEFINITELY do something.

Do not be blinded by emotions and practice reason in voting for your candidates.

May the best men win. :)

Friday, May 7


The wind whispers as I walk the dead road to you
this is not foreign to me.
I have walked this road a million times
but today the trip is different.

The smell of the once blooming flowers are repugnant.
I stop and it is the same all around.
No beautiful and tall trees nor is there
the weird shaped clouds that I find so unique.

If it was any other day but today,
I would have burst out in rage.

But it is today,
and all I see are rotten fruits, unpleasant flowers,
lifeless animals and the seemingly chipped road
to you.

Just because it is today.

*A special thanks to Ate Ish! You are an angel. <3 Thank you for always reading my blog.