Saturday, July 18

I'm getting better.

I think I'm on my way to being a better person. :)


Daddy and I had an argument again a while ago, on when he was taking me back to the dorm. I was insisting that they take me back today since I have a Math exam on Monday and I need to study, I can't do that while I'm in the house. He was hesitating that they take me back tomorrow even if they have to miss the early morning Mass which they would be the choir and the ocular visit tomorrow. I didn't get the point of missing those things when they could get me here today. TRAFFIC. So there started the many rantings of my dad, and my annoying answers to him. I eventually kept quiet and I cried. That always happens when I fight with my dad. After I had some time to think it through, we were in Katipunan already. I said sorry and he just hugged me, no sermons of any sort. I was touched. I wasn't used to seeing my dad like that.

Lord, thank you for my family. :)

Friday, July 17

It's raining and I'm stressed.

I am currently in a state of confusion and stress. I haven't eaten breakfast yet and I woke up early just to study for my Math exam on Monday. I dropped down after a while and just focused on browsing the internet. I don't know if I'll still be going to the Freshman Night later or just stay home and study. I want to go to the field trip, but then again I don't. I'm happy that classes are suspended, but it's annoying that I had to sleep late for my English paper. I am obsessed with a person who I'm constantly googling. I'm dead.

My mind is trying to pump out things that I should know. I have that problem again with Math that after we finish the lesson, it immediately flies out of my mind, as if it has no place there. Now, I don't know how I'm going to begin studying for Math when I can't even answer the sample exams. I don't know how I'm going to Laguna this weekend because my weekend is jam-packed. The rain is annoying, it may be cozy to sleep in this kind of weather, but I'm still bothered about my Math exam. My stomach's growling. I don't want to go down to buy breakfast. I'm irritated. I'm annoyed.

I am thinking about the CSSP KAPPistahan on the 24th. I don't know how I'll be able to integrate our ideas to the NEW theme which was just changed yesterday. Most of my block mates don't want to be seen on stage. I don't want to be embarrassed. I want to have a nice presentation. I want a nice score in Math. I want to pass Social Science 2 and impress my terror of a teacher. I want to finally understand the meaning of the reading assigned to us. I want to stop torturing my mind. I want to save some money. I want to stop.

My conclusion. So help me, God. I'm in college.

My conclusion: I'm in college.

Tuesday, July 7

8 more posts.


And I'm off to 300 posts already. Meaningful ones.

I don't get to post more often because you know, I'm in college and I'm watching Gossip Girl. HUH? I just don't get to post more often, as much as I'd like to. Let me update on some things I haven't mentioned yet.

Well, for starters, I was thinking of joining Psychology Society this sem, because everybody says it's easier to join orgs in the first year, first sem. I thought long and hard and decided that I wouldn't push it through this year. I feel like I need to adjust further. I plan on joining UP SIKAT (Sirkulo ng Kabataang Artista) and of course, who would forget my ever beloved PSYSC? :) Orientation for the latter is on Sunday, so I might as well go, right? Next on the agenda is my PE class. I swear all the muscles in my body are going to give up, give or take tomorrow. I know I used to do it before but now, it's kinda hard.

Lastly, I'd just like to say that I am enjoying my life in UP. I know I'll get to enjoy it even more! Especially after that PEP RALLY!