Tuesday, July 7

8 more posts.


And I'm off to 300 posts already. Meaningful ones.

I don't get to post more often because you know, I'm in college and I'm watching Gossip Girl. HUH? I just don't get to post more often, as much as I'd like to. Let me update on some things I haven't mentioned yet.

Well, for starters, I was thinking of joining Psychology Society this sem, because everybody says it's easier to join orgs in the first year, first sem. I thought long and hard and decided that I wouldn't push it through this year. I feel like I need to adjust further. I plan on joining UP SIKAT (Sirkulo ng Kabataang Artista) and of course, who would forget my ever beloved PSYSC? :) Orientation for the latter is on Sunday, so I might as well go, right? Next on the agenda is my PE class. I swear all the muscles in my body are going to give up, give or take tomorrow. I know I used to do it before but now, it's kinda hard.

Lastly, I'd just like to say that I am enjoying my life in UP. I know I'll get to enjoy it even more! Especially after that PEP RALLY!


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