Thursday, April 29

A Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

My self-esteem has finally hit its all-time low today. I feel fat and ugly and miserable. I noticed that on my way to school and I couldn't help but feel depressed. Ever since I started college, my self-esteem started to drop.

You, can do something about this. But you are clearly not. I will allow you to sulk for the meantime, but as soon as you can get your feet back on the ground, you will emerge as the beautiful butterfly that you are, even if you think you're not.

Save yourself.

Love, Me

Sunday, April 25


After a year, I realized that nothing will happen and if I believed in destiny, I'd say we were not meant to be.

Saturday, April 3


I feel like I know you and then I don't.
I feel I understand you and then I don't.
I feel you
and then I'm not sure anymore.

I feel you slipping out of my mind.
I desperately try
I scream and cry
And you are out.

You smile.


I wake up and it's your face that greets me.
In no less than 3 words, you ask it.
I think it's you, but you are covered.
My eyes form the image that it's you.

I am wrong.
You do not care for me.
Nor have you ever loved me.
I keep hoping, it's destroying me.

Hang on, the voice tells me.
You can make it, it shouts.
How can I make it?
If I will never be sure it's you.