Saturday, June 27

I can feel the pressure.

Now see. I don't get to blog more often. I'm getting busier by the day, and in some ways, I do love it. I mean, who wouldn't love studying in UP, riding IKOT and TOKI jeeps everyday, waiting on the AS steps for the shuttle and walking around like crazy to get to classes?

This week, my high school friends didn't get to see much of each other. We were always in pairs, with Sean and Anj, BJ and me or Kat. Yesterday was the first time we got to bond a helluva lot. We were supposed to watch the Engineering Week concert. Quite disappointing really. I thought they were going to accomodate non-engineering students resulting to us not watching the concert at all. We were going to watch Sot's older brother play, and we ended up sitting down and chatting in the Sunken Garden. Kyle wanted to go home to Laguna, but we didn't so we suggested that we (Kat, Sot, me) that we stay in our dorm first since Sot is near our place and so is the LRT station. We chatted like old times. I kind of missed it, really. We talked until about 8.30 pm when Kyle had to go home and so did Sot, since we haven't had dinner yet.

See why I love college? I know I don't get to see my other high school friends too often, but I do get to see some of them which is what keeps me sane. We love hanging out with each other and there is something between us that even new friends cannot emulate or even have that kind of connection with.


I'm in Laguna now, got home around 6pm. Serves me right for sleeping until 10.30 in the morning. I could have been earlier but no, I had to be attacked by the supreme evil called laziness. It would normally be okay if I get home around at this time, seeing as I don't have classes on Mondays. However, this Monday will be our Psych orientation so there, I have to go since I'm Block Head. *attacked by laziness yet AGAIN* I think it'll be fun though, I think I have great blockmates! Okay, I'm gonna stop blogging, I have tons of work to do and it won't be fun.

*REACTION PAPER for stupid effin Baler.



*Homework in English 11

*Lastly, read on the Greco-Persian Wars and research on Adam Smith.

KILL ME NOW. I love you college, but you're helluva lot of work! Tata!

Tuesday, June 23

I love CSSP! :)

Thank you, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. I had fun today.

Many of my friends know that I am blockless, so I was psyched to hear that everyone in my course was going to have a block. Yey! :)

By 11.30, I went to AS, looked for the BA Psych sign and waited. I met up with Tin and other coursemates. I was kind of in a haze because I didn't receive a text message from my block handler. So there, we waited for announcements, then I saw my name on Block 3! Then we went to Sunken Garden and bonded with our block. I was nominated Block Head with Muriel! :) Fun. I met a fellow PSYSC camper, see what PSYSC can do?! HAHAHA :)

We went to NISMED for the College Orientation, my ass couldn't stop laughing. It was really fun, with the presentations and everything. By the way, I want to join orgs na. Sayang, freshies can't join yet. Pero, if I could get an org now, I'd apply for UP SIKAT and UP PsycA.

I couldn't contain the fun I had today so there, I wrote this. TTFN.

Tuesday, June 9


"It's hard to accept change."

One minute, you're a high school freshman. The next minute, you're about to graduate. And you blink your eyes, you're in college.

Nagusap-usap ang PossiLove na pumuntang school today. Super saya ng reunion kasi, parang hindi kami nagkwentuhan ng ilang dekada. Masaya din kasi ngayon lang ulit namin nakita ang mga nagbagong mukha, bagong pagupit, maarteng mga gamit. HAHA :) Akala ko, okay na akong magcollege. Mamimiss ko pa rin pala talaga ang HIGH SCHOOL. It was safe and comfortable.�

Pumunta kami dun, napagalitan, tumambay sa covered court at nagkwentuhan! Kumain ng Bugong at Dulce de Leche pati na ang kisses ni Kyle! Nakita si Ms. Mendoza, nagkwentuhan at kumain ng kwek-kwek. Nag-angas angasan kasi hindi na namin magagawa yun sa college.

I'm gonna miss this so much. :(

Saturday, June 6

YES! JUNE 16 pa! :)

(from Titus Tan, USC chairperson and Ms. Maricel of OVCSA):
UP Diliman start of classes moved to June 16 in view of extension of registration, and the DOH advisory on AH1N1. Adjustment in academic calendar to follow.�
- Chancellor Cao

June 10 - Deadline of Enlistment (Prerog)
June 16 - Deadline of Payment

CMOOOON! Let's celebrateeee!

Thursday, June 4

It's June!


We've been 3 days along June already and I am excited and at the same time dreading to go to school. First year, first sem. I know that I've been rambling about my going to college for quite some time now. I can't help it. I know it's not such a big deal, but for me it is. I want to do good, I want to excel. 

Let me give you the highlights of my first 3 days of June.

JUNE 1-- MONDAY. I didn't do anything. I just got up at 9 AM again, ate breakfast, read HP7 and finished it.

JUNE 2-- NICA ERGUIZA'S BIRTHDAY. I greeted her then we went to Studio 87, my dorm to put some things there. I also got my FINGERPRINT installed in the biometric fingerprint system. After that, we went to Makati, played in Timezone. Annoying thing is, my siblings and I were playing on the car thingy where you race. I won the first time over my sis, I thought she was challenging me again, I accepted it not noticing a FUGLY guy sitting next to me. HE BEAT ME. He wasn't even supposed to be my challenger. >.<>

JUNE 3-- Bought stuff for my dorm. Essentials like table lamp, tabo, hangers, etc. I went home, read Second Helpings and fell in love again with Marcus Flutie.

So I guess that's it. I'm staying home today while my sis is going to her bestfriend's birthday party. I wish I had a normal best guyfriend too. Wait, I think I do. He's been there since 1st year. :) Awww, never thought we'd communicate again.