Tuesday, June 23

I love CSSP! :)

Thank you, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy. I had fun today.

Many of my friends know that I am blockless, so I was psyched to hear that everyone in my course was going to have a block. Yey! :)

By 11.30, I went to AS, looked for the BA Psych sign and waited. I met up with Tin and other coursemates. I was kind of in a haze because I didn't receive a text message from my block handler. So there, we waited for announcements, then I saw my name on Block 3! Then we went to Sunken Garden and bonded with our block. I was nominated Block Head with Muriel! :) Fun. I met a fellow PSYSC camper, see what PSYSC can do?! HAHAHA :)

We went to NISMED for the College Orientation, my ass couldn't stop laughing. It was really fun, with the presentations and everything. By the way, I want to join orgs na. Sayang, freshies can't join yet. Pero, if I could get an org now, I'd apply for UP SIKAT and UP PsycA.

I couldn't contain the fun I had today so there, I wrote this. TTFN.

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