Thursday, June 4

It's June!


We've been 3 days along June already and I am excited and at the same time dreading to go to school. First year, first sem. I know that I've been rambling about my going to college for quite some time now. I can't help it. I know it's not such a big deal, but for me it is. I want to do good, I want to excel. 

Let me give you the highlights of my first 3 days of June.

JUNE 1-- MONDAY. I didn't do anything. I just got up at 9 AM again, ate breakfast, read HP7 and finished it.

JUNE 2-- NICA ERGUIZA'S BIRTHDAY. I greeted her then we went to Studio 87, my dorm to put some things there. I also got my FINGERPRINT installed in the biometric fingerprint system. After that, we went to Makati, played in Timezone. Annoying thing is, my siblings and I were playing on the car thingy where you race. I won the first time over my sis, I thought she was challenging me again, I accepted it not noticing a FUGLY guy sitting next to me. HE BEAT ME. He wasn't even supposed to be my challenger. >.<>

JUNE 3-- Bought stuff for my dorm. Essentials like table lamp, tabo, hangers, etc. I went home, read Second Helpings and fell in love again with Marcus Flutie.

So I guess that's it. I'm staying home today while my sis is going to her bestfriend's birthday party. I wish I had a normal best guyfriend too. Wait, I think I do. He's been there since 1st year. :) Awww, never thought we'd communicate again.

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