Tuesday, July 1

got to have some lovin.

The agenda on my blog today is divided into parts. I hope you do accept my rantings because I believe you don't have a CHOICE.

First, here are my scores for the First Unit Test. No Social Studies yet & English. They're not final yet.

MATH 32/40
MAPEH 46/50
TLE 41/50

Not bad e? Next agenda, how unfair BD is. It stands for bulldog. She could have made the stupid test understandable. Oh well.
Physics. I was supposed to be the highest. Then again, argh. Oh well, I can't do anything about it. Me and my pretty face.

Kudos to my group mates in Social. We did a great presentation. I was up all night writing the script so thank you, group mates for you precious cooperation!

Kruhay was tiring. We have a practice again tomorrow. I am so stressed. I can't even move good enough. No heavy assignments today. I want to rejoice.

I guess that's all. I don't want to blog about the other things. Oh and by the way, we did something in Filipino where you have a paper stuck at your back and your classmates get to write what their impression of you is. Drum roll please! I am NOISY! And pretty too. Haha. I'm serious people did write that. Flattered enough. Thank you Possidius O8-09! I love you guys.

I have to read El Fili now. I will post tomorrow!