Friday, September 14

a year older. but not wiser.

it is almost my birthday. yey. I'm turning 15 and I don't feel like 15. I'm childish and immature. So that's why. I still remember my 13th birthday. I was hella excited then because I was to be called a teen for the first time which was somewhat exciting at that point. I also remember my 14th birthday which was cool because. well. secret. But, now, it's gonna be the best birthday ever. haha.

Anyway, I saw hot cadet awhile ago. but i stil didn't talk to him. what the. I know. For a girl, I'm so effin torpe. Nakakainis. If I could talk to him. Blahhh. Any tips? He's a senior by the way.

6 days till my birthday. Ü