Friday, June 29

I can't help this.

I hate them. I mean, people who talk endlessly. As if the topics are interesting. Oh cmon. It'll be a miracle if I listen to your oh-so-boring topic. I hate them.

I am not in a good mood today as you have noticed. I mean, who would be? I hate this fcuking day and all the days last year. From the moment I met him in *******, to the moment that he announced his departure towards another country. He crushed my heart like hell. And now, I'm cussing like there's no end.

I admit that I am hurt. So hurt that if my heart were dry, it would bleed again just because of the pain. I don't think he knows I'm falling for him. He was just an illusion. The game of my mind. The picture of my heart. He's just HIM. I just can't explain. I know this hurts, I try not to cry because I never had a chance from the start did I? NOPE. I was a fool to believe he'd like me.

This is everything that I dreaded and now it's happening. I can't do anything about it because I'm stupid.


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