Tuesday, June 26

one rainy day....

Our unit tests are over. I was exhausted with Geom because it was so mind-boggling. Grrr. Anyway, when it was dismissal time and it was time for "gala". We got out of the school only to find out that tricycles were not passing by Pacita Complex. Then the rain started to pour. Gosh. It rained cats and dogs. When we finally got a trike, it was only Anj, Danica and I. We were driving through the streets of Chrysanthemum and it was flooding. We were so wet. And we got stuck in the flood but good thing, 2 people or was it only one helped us. But the experience was so fun. Danica kept on laughing and that was fun too. We arrived at the complex and waited for Boan and Zette. We stayed in Shakey's and ordered Mojos. Yummm.

We got to the FX and we were with the girls from Simon[2nd year]. We arrived there and watched Fantastic Four. Ngekkk. Chris Evans is HOT, that's all. Then we took lots of pictures and that was our gala.

I loved that. Let's do it again!♥

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