Thursday, June 28

loads to do. so little time.

So true. I hate this day. We got loads to do in school and at home. Gosh. Homeworks and projects are killing me. Today, there was lots to dicuss and we even had a graded recitation in TLE. Thankfully, I answered it correctly even though it was about the effin' electric components that I don't have a fcuking clue about. And we have to make an autobiography which is okay, since there's no limitation to sentences. Yey. Although I have to think of a way to liven it up.

I'm now currently reading "The Rescue" by Nicholas Sparks again. Can't help it if his novels make me cry buckets of tears. If it was vacation time, I wouldn't put down that book. But since it's not and we have loads of projects coming up, I can just read it occasionally. Grr. I lent Arnold and Kathleen "The Guardian" and "Nights in Rodanthe". I think they'll love it. I love it. Haha. Roan will lend me "Prep", right? Haha.

One assignment in TLE is that fcuking resistor thingy. I swear. It's just a repeat of last year and it was better last year because it was in two's. But I finished it and the only thing I haven't finished is the excerpt from the novel,"Mga Ibong Mandaraggit". Which is fine. considering I'll be staying up late because I'm not really tired. I'm alive and I don't have signs of becoming lethargic now. Hardy har.

I am so not auditioning for the A.I. One registration form down the drain. Haha. I swear. It just doesn't feel right. Haha.

I loved Ate Krish's quote. "I'm not the girl next door. I'm the bitch down the street." That's so describes me. That's why we had codenames.[Rubio,Boan]

j9's:bitch down the street
boan's:slut clinging on the pole[yebah. haha.]
rubi's:trash down the garbage.[waha.]

I had so much fun. Anyway, gots to go. I have homework to be done.
By the way, I finished the Filipino thingy while my dad was doing something in the PC. yey.

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