Wednesday, June 27

What a day.

I had so much fun today even though it was the checking of papers. I had acceptable scores anyway. And we just laughed all day. I got the watch I ordered from anagon collection. Loved it.

We had a meeting for the Himnayon and it turns out it'll be regular. I'll be coming home late on Mondays and Wednesdays. So after the meeting, I was with Arnold and Kuya Makoy and Ate Krissy and Ate Ion. Wow. There was joke time and the like. haha.

JOKE ni Kuya Makoy:

Sino ang nagsabi ng:

Hindi lahat ng tooth ay maputi.

Sagot: BLUETOOTH![ngek.ngek. but in fairness, we laughed.]

JOKE ni Ate Krissy:

Mumu: Awoooooooo.....

Bata: Wag poh. Natatakot na poh akoooo....

Mumu: OK.

Ang lakas ata ng tawa namin dyan. HAHA. That's all.

Wahaha. I'm looking forward to Monday again. :]]

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