Monday, June 25


I am now getting psychotic. First of all, it is exam day today and tomorrow. And guess what? I'M ONLINE! hardy har. I haven't evn studied for the second day yet. Except for chem. I'm supposed to study Geom 'coz I suck at it but... I'm really lazy.

So what happened awhile ago? Hmm. The usual. Since it was exam day, everyone was out reading their books, notebooks and reviewers. It's noisy too because we juniors are involved in group discussions. I got assigned to seat near the windows. My seatmate was Mikki.[OXFORD!♥] And so on.

The most boring part of the exam? After you finish answering and there's still time left. You don't know what to do because you aren't allowed to speak to anyone. So after that boring MAPEH and ENGLISH exams, I got out my ballpen and wrote at the back of the case of my colored pencils. I had nothing better to do.

After the exams, we got out a bit late and my classmates were asking where the hell we'll be taking our feet tomorrow after exams. Everybody agreed to the mall.[I think. Considering we were only 4]. But I am glad to say, my dear classmates that after a discussion with my mom, I CAN GO! But only up to 4. That's the curfew now since it's a schoolday. Grr. I am happy that she approved.

I'll be back to post the 15 things you never knew about me and my paperheart post.

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