Friday, October 5

things i hate.

I do hate pork. As in. At first, it was just kind of a health diet thingy, tapos I didn't get to like it na. haha.

DURIAN! it's so SMELLY. grr. Makes me super pissed if my parents have them, so it's like, real smelly sa house.

Not that I know of. haha.

Liars, stupid people, copycats, whores, sluts, FLIRTS, desperate people.

Rejection. Yeah, that totally sucks.

TV shows/ movies:
corny telenovelas. I mean, gross. Who'd have so much DRAMA in their life?

OPM bands who think they're emo and they're all that when they're not. STUPID.

Household chore:
Laundry, man. And all of them. I hate all of them. haha.

Thing/s Around the World:
People who don't think. People who discriminate. They don't have the right.

Thing/s About Myself:
I do curse. That sucks. And I'm sooooo not upfront and everything.

I'm really lazy. So I'm not tagging anybody.