Friday, October 5

Wow. I'm just so in the mood today that's why I'm going to blog about this.

One thing I haven't blogged about as much. MY PARENTS.

Mom: She's so ├╝ber HYPER and that's one thing I loveee about her. She's so full of life. She is insane though, like me. lol. And I love the small things she does 'coz she's not working anymore so she's driving us to school everyday and buys the stuff we need. So I am grateful for that. Plus we always talk. I can't keep secrets from her. haha. I love my mom.

Dad: Superr corny. But he just tries to make an effort of making us smile. And before, I would often get mad at him. As in superrr. Almost all the time. But then, he changed and I matured.(i guess) And he's really caring. That's why I love my dad.

Aww. I love them. And I'm lucky to have them.