Saturday, October 6

field trip.

I had a blast today. It was our educational field trip and the destination? Seven Lakes in San Pablo, Laguna. Here's the full update.(i think)

Assembly was around 5.30-6 am? I got to school earlier since I'll be getting those jackets. BUT, sad to say, it wasn't there yet. So we panicked since we ARE BANNED from getting those jackets done. What a stupid rule, huh? So anyway, it finally came and we boarded the bus. Buddy was ROAN, of course. Thanks.

We stopped by a gas station to go to the restroom, buy extra food and the like. Took some pictures. Then, we went on our way. We visited Bunot Lake first. Lecture and it was raining. A BIGGIE THANKS TO BJ for not letting me get wet. I think, but he got tired and I just went ahead. So I got wet anyway.

We finally went to Kalibato Lake. Lecture. Muddy place.

PANDIN LAKE. the best. We started off by getting in the lake. We were wading and we played tug of war with the other section. Then, the hard challenge came. We had to climb a muddy steep path to get to the view of the YAMBO lake. haha. So it was hard but gladly SEAN helped me and my clumsy body and I got up and down from the mountain safely. Thanks. By the way, we also got on a raft and when we were about to get off, my foot fell into a hold in the middle. It still hurts. haha.

SAMPALOC LAKE Nice and pretty. Real pretty. I shouted at some guys 'cox they SUCKED.

Thanks, John Stone. I'm not forgetting this.

I'm going to post pics on my multiply. LAB LAB.

Night, I'm hella sleepy na.