Tuesday, October 16

why not us?

Manny Pacquiao. Pacman. He's the most recognized boxer. The best in his field.

This is not a bash to Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. In fact I am congratulating him for winning in the Will to Win 2.

Why only Manny?

Doctors, nurses, medical aids, domestic helpers, cooks and many more OFWs work and yet they don't get same recognition from the Filipinos as Manny does. When Manny goes back after his matches, he is greeted with a warm welcome. Maybe a parade at that. Courtesy calls are often practiced.

But when our OFWs get recognized, we don't even give a damn. It is true. That's the harsh reality. Yet they even endure more than just boxing in a ring or bruises. They endure emotional pain of not being with their families. WHY DO WE FILIPINOS NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT OUR HEROES? We give more importance to the people who just box, shoot a ball and throw in a field. Isn't it good to recognize a new hero? A deserving recognition is what we should be able to pay in return to these people. They do not only suffer from the pains of being away from their families and homeland and yet, when they show us that they are really proud Pinoys, we disregard them.

I guess I can now understand why some Filipinos get white-washed. It's because they are martyrs in their own right, yet they never get thank yous from their relatives. I am not blaming all, but there are some relatives who don't give a damn even if you stay abroad just as long as they get good money. It is the harsh reality after all. This condition is inevitable.

Let's help change it people. RECOGNIZE THOSE PEOPLE! PROUD TO BE PINOY!

Regarding sa issue that I hate OPM stuff, I hate OPM bands. They're not my type. But I didn't say I hate all OPM. OPM bands like CHICOSCI(yeah, i hate 'em) are posers. I'm saying what I want here. So if you don't like what I'm saying, get the hell out.