Tuesday, June 24

unit test & terrible case of depression

OMFG. I feel a teensy weensy bit depressed because of what happened yesterday. I tried to text him and yet, no answer. So I'm not going to make a fool out of myself. I'll let him take his time and if possible, he should hurry up? HAHA. ARGH. I hate myself; I feel like I did something so bad that it's so unforgivable. Which I know that it's not.

On the contrary, examinations are coming again and I am under a lot of pressure again. I mean, it's like the start of the school year and yet, we're bombarded by so many quizzes & assignments. I despise being a senior. Besides, everybody's talking about college which makes me more anxious to be in this year level. One good thing though, other year levels respect you. That's nice.

More pressure on stupid Entrepreneurship. It absolutely sucks. First of all, our teacher is waaaay boring, her subject's boring and even her time is inappropriate. I can't help but yawn like a million times. So's Physics. If that wasn't a major subject, I wouldn't be listening to it now. So fcuking major boring. CVE! Even if that is a Values Subject, I do like the topics discussed. But man, it's so boring. Everyone's serious and I can't even humor myself in my seat. Now tell me, can I study for these subjects? I don't think so. And this reminds me, I gots to be going. I have a stupid quiz in TLE, CVE & English.

By the way, warmest hugs & kudos to my friends, Markee & Renren. They helped me make this blog possible. Thanks you guys! Love youuu.

More major scoop tomorrow.
You know you love this kickass blog.