Thursday, June 26

1 day to go.

One more day to go and Unit Tests are over baby! Yes. Today's exams were kinda hard, but it wasn't a major problem. Computer was okay, except for the validation of the codes thingy. Social Studies was more on the application of Economics which I don't know if I did all right. HAHA. While in Mapeh, I was figuring out what kind of drugs are the items on ze test and the different stupid arts. English was difficult, especially with the vocabulary. Our teacher gave, like, 6 choices each. WOAH. Also, the sequencing part of the test was hard because, there were a lot of typos. My gosh. And finally Research. My paper was ruined because of that one topic per general topic. She totally didn't specify. Argh. But overall, I believe I could pass the test.

One more day to go. Trigonometry, Physics, Entrepreneurship and Filipino. Woah, goodluck to me.