Sunday, June 15

therapeutic claims

Apparently, blogging does have therapeutic claims. I've been majorly stressed out this past week and it hasn't even been a freaking month! I've been relaxing today so that's why I'm cramming on the whole to-print stuff for school tomorrow. And that reminds me that I have to take public transport tomorrow because MOM AND DAD are apparently having their second honeymoon in a GIGANTIC HOTEL in Macau. Not that I'd want to be there, but if I was there, I'd go to the casinos even if I wasn't allowed. And yes, I have to be stuck here listening to fugly lectures and even more fugly teachers. OKAAAY. Exaggeration.

All this Internet is making me weak. I haven't done the artfolio thing that our Mapeh teacher wants us to do. Not that I'm complaining, but yeah, I guess I am. I need a shopping trip, a good mani-pedi and Chuck Bass. I did get a eyeful of him today since I had a Gossip Girl marathon today. And that makes me want to buy the book! In the book, Chuck is not an all-ladies man. In fact, he's bisexual. But I guess he's still hot. Especially in the series. Most of my classmates warned me about the season finale and that I was gonna get pissed off with Chuck. Uhh, sorry to rain on that hypo, mates! Lo and behold, never will I ever get pissed at Chuck Bass. Even if he did a raincheck on Blair and got laid by Amelia, the renovations bitch. Seriously, hot guys & hot fashion are the reasons why I love the series.

So anyway, I was with my lovable Tito a while ago. He was dropping us off at a studio[I needed photos, which by the way was monstrous. I looked so wasted.] and he was telling us he was going to take up something again. Well, that's new since he just graduated a year ago from his MA. So he was talking about this mystery college which I was able to squeeze out of him successfully, he is thinking about taking up[drumroll please....] LAW! Amazing. He said he looked at the curriculum and he'll be asking permission from their HR department if he could study again. And I'm so happy for him! That was soooo coool. My uncle may be such a goofball, but he is so admirable.

Oh well, that's all for now. You know you love my kick ass blog.