Sunday, June 15

Very sad to say. But I have to agree. Wouldn't everyone? Right now, I have to make a script and yet, I'm here, typing for a blog because I believe this would eventually make me think straight. I've been bothered for the past few days because I can't shake this feeling of being lonely. I mean, I get the abandonment since IT is in love. Do people get like that when they're in love? Do they not care about people around them? That was specific and I may be utterly PSYCHOTIC for having to do this, but this just eats me up inside. I admit now that I'm actually writing about it, it isn't that bad anymore. I guess it's not. And although, I got some good advice[which I'm not taking btw.], I refuse to let this eat me up. Once and for all, I'm facing this head on. And I'm making it clear that, I DON
'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. It's officially over and done, and it was good while it lasted and it was nice having a good it. But, I'm done and I've got better things in mind. And as I said, THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE.

A lot of stupid people are asking if I have a lovelife. Okay, you're in over your heads. I don't and don't want to have one. Personally, I think having a boyfriend is a privilege, but not a necessity. I don't need a boyfriend right now. Let's make that clear.In relation to that, I don't want stalkers too. I wouldn't call him a stalker, but my sister is, so I might as well, too. This all happened more or less 2 or 3 years ago, when I was immature and had no interest in boys except those really hot ones. I don't want to go too much into detail as he might read this, but he's getting annoying. Until today, I didn't know he would frequently visit the house and hesitate to ring our fcking doorbell. OKAAAY. What's the deal, man? Just ring it so I can send your ass away! I don't want a stalker right now. OR EVER. Lay off my pretty face.

Till next time, punks,rockers & my crowd.
You know you love my kick ass blog.