Wednesday, June 25

good news.

Some good news. FINALLY. My tita Moleth's getting a baby. Remember my blog entry that was primarily about a death of a baby. Well, their baby died and it was even named after me. Aww. But now, they're getting a new baby! YEY.

It's the Unit Tests again and it sucks being a student. There are some topics that are not even discussed yet and yet we have to endure the agony of answering the exams. I'm online today because I'm researching the musicians in the stupid 20th century. He should have discussed that. AAARGGH.

Oh well, that's all. Oh, and happy birthday to LA Roberto! So belated happy birthday too, to Nica Erguiza!

Good luck to me. Pray & cross your fingers that I pass the exam.

Word for the day: ADVERSARY

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