Thursday, June 19

all the drama.

It was a dramatic day today. My eyes almost dropped out from my intense crying. I've been having these problems lately and I can't seem to get myself together. All I wind up doing is posting to this blog and crying. It's because I've been undergoing a lot of pressure right now. With college applications and everything. What happened today was shocking that my eyes still hurt when I think about it. Seriously, I wanted to pass the form today. But, complications got in my way so there. My dad blew out of proportion. He said some over the top things that made me cry reallly hard. It went to a point that when I was crying in my room, I wanted to die right then and there. But, good thing, the feeling went away. I think. So anyway, I'll just be going to UP on monday. I'll have to be absent, but it's the only way.

I still feel bad today so I can't post a longer and better entry, obviously. I just needed therapy.

You know you love my kickass blog.