Monday, June 23

Major ire.

Okay. I'm feeling apoplectic. Just a while ago, I was feeling fine and then, he had to ruin the moment. I know I'm ranting and everything, but I can't help it. As I said, this blog is my only therapy. And I'm glad it's back, by the way. Major fatuity was exercised because I texted something that really meant something and he disses it. And then, I still call him a friend. It's not my fault he CLAIMS he knows everything. God, I feel so inferior when I talk to him. It's as if everything I say is totally asinine. He is such an egomaniac. I want to march up there, tell him how gay & revolting his face is and then kick his butt. Seriously, what kind of friend makes you feel so stupid? And then he tells, "We're close na kasi." Stupendous assh*le.

See? I'm sooo pissed right now. He's so not funny. I just hope he eats his ego and then he chokes. All good and important now? You should prolly regret your words by now.

You know you love my kickass blog,

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