Tuesday, June 17

depressing daaaay.

Today was depressing. SCOOP TODAY? My phone got snatched. I didn't even notice. And here's the best news, it's only 2 months old. So yeah, I'll be dead by the end of this fcuking day.
OKAAAAY. I'm not dead. Surprisingly, it wasn't a bad sermon. I got what I deserved so bye, bye phooone. No new phones for me. My mom doesn't want to buy anymore. Stupid fcukked up snatcher. Err. I'm depressed now. And it's because, my mom just bought that and I lost it. I SUCCCK. :( I'm such a bad daughter. But I want to earn their trust again and I want a new phone so I'll have to save reaaallly hard and I have to be good.

But I seriously want to cry right NOW. NEW PHONE GONE. :(
And this time, there's no good "kapalit" anymore. :(

oh well. Back to my old stupid phone. :(

You know you love my kick ass blog.